1. sbernat

    Photography Scavenger Hunt Photos


     Start time  Photo dominated by one color

     Photo taken at an odd angle

     Photo taken into a bright light

     Photo showing converging lines

     Photo of two things that do not belong together

     Photo of a repeating pattern

     Photo giving the illusion of movement

     Photo of an interesting shadow

    Photo looking

  2. sbernat

    Photography Scavenger Hunt


    I found the task of completing a photography scavenger hunt to be challenging.

    I had to choose a place to complete the 15 minute hunt and, with the limited options that I had, I ended up choosing my room in my apartment. I chose to do this in my room …

  3. sbernat

    Photo Reflection: BEFORE


    Photography is a hobby of mine. I love taking photos because it allows you to capture a moment in time that may be forgotten otherwise. It allows a memory to live on even after the moment has long since passed. I currently have the Nikon D3100 with the basic lens …

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