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  1. sumaya

    Gif Production

    yara shahidi At this point of this month spooky season has already arrived and the weather isn’t colder yet. I got over my cold and trying to finish midterm essays and studying outlines. It going to rain today I just want to sleep . I was struggling and I couldn’t do the moving image for … Continue reading "Gif Production"
  2. sumaya

    Spread The Memes

     How do you express yourself? There are various ways of express your feelings. Many people love to use memes as one so its like an art a lot of people. Using memes to show if youre sad, happy or mad. Memes are worldwide and it gives a start to a conversation, it also makes peoples … Continue reading "Spread The Memes"
  3. sumaya

    making gifs

    You’re probably like how do you make gifs ? : Well, do if you think it’s complicated its really not everything happens in a click of a button. Thinking what do you need in order to make one . List of things you need: Computer snacks and drinks The website that can be useful is … Continue reading "making gifs"

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