1. theunwiseman

    Web Story and More


    I decided to mess with the site that’s always on my desktop: Facebook.  Here’s the before:

    Names and pictures are blurred to protect identities

    I didn’t make huge changes except in two or three places.  I tried to be as subtle as possible.  Let’s see if you can find all …

  2. theunwiseman

    DS106 Final Project: The Golem


    I’ve had this idea for a while, and the final project has given me a good opportunity to put it into action.  I’ll be making a comic (not quite a graphic novel, as the individual pages won’t necessarily carry the same plot) which follows the mental, social, and emotional development …

  3. theunwiseman

    Visual Assignment


    I took my Hal Jordan Green Lantern action figure out to downtown Fredericksburg with my friend David.

    This GL figure is from the Blackest Night series.

    There’s way too many shots to post on this single entry.  You can find the set here.…

  4. theunwiseman



    Introducing Espeak

    (Open the link above in a new tab and start listening!)

    I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with this e-speak program. For those of you
    with Linux access, you can type `man espeak` to find out the details. Note that
    some of you may have to install it …

  5. theunwiseman



    Or, “How I destroyed months of work, pictures, music, and my level-headedness.”

    I know I’ve been inactive for a while, and it’s mostly been because I’ve been afraid to blog about how much I hate not being able to blog about the assignments because I hate reading things that are …

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