1. @tlengel2

    Looking Back On Week Two


    Week two has already challenged me and taught me so much. I’ve been quite busy with a combination of work and school. But completing the assignments for DS106 has allowed for me to take some personal time to be creative and have some fun.

    To begin, I found the Daily …

  2. @tlengel2

    Exploring Different Universes


    Alternate Universe: my design assignment for the week!

    Okay… don’t judge my Photoshop skills. This took a lot of effort for someone who doesn’t know how to use design software!

    The goal of this assignment was to Photoshop yourself into a different environment. A super different environment. And in order …

  3. @tlengel2

    Weekly Summary: Week I


    This week has thus far been a lot of fun. Summer break was MUCH needed, and I had the opportunity to do a lot of fun, new things. However, I’ll admit I was getting a little stir-crazy, and was honestly happy and excited to have classes start up again.

    DS106 …

  4. @tlengel2

    “What do the 80s mean to today?”


    This is equally a simple question, and yet a difficult one to answer. I have no doubt that you could walk into a crowd, ask everyone you meet this very question, and you would end up with a variety of different answers. Perhaps for most of us in this class, …

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