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    Week 5


    Final Project

    For my final project, I chose to create a story called Let’s go on a Trip. While it was not the most creative title, I thought it was a pretty creative tale. It is a story centered around a young woman named Cassie, who lives in New …

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    Let’s go on a Trip


    Cassie felt like she woke up mere minutes after she had fallen asleep. When she looked at her clock though, and saw it was 8:32, she knew it had been at least a few hours. In the city that never sleeps, it was easy to stay out late. Especially on …

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    Week 4


    Reading and Analyzing Movies

    This week I read Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie.” In this article, Ebert talked about a few rules of thumb that are used when analyzing movie scenes. He talks about how he goes through movies and freezes the screen at random moments to look …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze


    The clip I chose to analyze for this assignment was from The Newsroom. I chose to look at this clip because it is the one I thought would be most interesting to look at because of it’s content and the goings on in society today.

    Camera Work

    Throughout the …

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    Reading Movies


    Ebert and How to Read a Movie

    I found Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” quite interesting. I am a big fan of movies, but Ebert’s article had me thinking about the different techniques that people use when they make movies. Generally, I watch a movie because I liked …

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    Snooze News


    Bus Driver Spends Day Picking Up and Dropping Off Children in the Area #upworthy @ds106dc #tdc1986

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    Week 3


    This week was all about telling a story through sound. I found the points made about audio storytelling by Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad quite interesting. I also enjoyed listening to the TED talk and Scott Lo. I especially liked the Moon Graffiti audio story. I had a lot of …

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    Down on the Farm


    The goal of this assignment was to record sounds that I hear daily, but may be unfamiliar to others and turn it into an audio story.

    For this assignment, I chose to let everyone hear the sounds I hear everyday out on the farm. The audio clip below will walk …

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    Summer Nights and Springsteen


    The purpose of this assignment was to create a mash up of a band’s or artist’s greatest hits, in your opinion.

    I chose to create a mash up of what I consider some of Bruce Springsteen‘s greatest hits. I chose to look at Springsteen’s songs because I had been …

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    On The Radio


    The purpose of this assignment was to create a bumper for the ds106 radio station.

    A bumper, as defined on the assignment’s page, is “a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into.”

    For …

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    Headed To The Beach


    The goal of this assignment was to tell a story using nothing but sound effects.

    I chose to tell the story of someone going to the beach on the first day of a vacation. The story starts with the person taking off in an airplane to head to their destination. …

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    Week 2


    This week was definitely more challenging for me than last week. However, I also enjoyed the assignments a little more than I did last weeks.

    The Vignelli Canon was actually a very interesting read for me. I have enjoyed photography for many years, but I mostly took pictures because the …

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    Vignelli Canon


    In The Vignelli Canon, I liked how Vignelli talked about the three different aspects of design that are most important to him. I enjoyed being able to, essentially, get into the mind and thought process behind another designer’s choices.

    Reading about the semantics aspect in his book helped me to …

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    I’ve Got A Dream


    The purpose of this assignment was to pick a movie scene to turn into a GIF.

    I chose the scene in Tangled, where Flynn and Rapunzel are at the Snuggly Duckling. While they are at the Snuggly Duckling, Rapunzel gets all of the big thugs to share their dreams with …

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    Soccer GIF


    The goal of this assignment was to create a sporting gif that depicted a certain element in a sporting activity.

    The sport I chose was soccer because it is a sport I love. I found a video on youtube that had Tosun’s goal against Benefica. Once I had the video …

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    Design Blitz


    The four concepts I chose to include in my design blitz are color, dominance, rhythm, and proportion.

    One of the ideas about color that I learned this week, had to do with what different colors mean and what they can say in a picture. I learned that warm colors are …

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    Are We There Yet?


    The purpose of this assignment is to take an existing image and change the concept in where you are and what you are doing.

    I started with a picture I had taken at a clinic a couple years ago.

    I used a photo editing application, called Movavi, to remove the …

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