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    This is my video of Charlie Chaplin, The Lion’s Cage.  I ran into a lot of issues when I used Windows Movie Maker.  So I had to do some research another type of software and found Wondershare Video Editor.  I had to start my project over from scratch and I …

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    Stole My Guitar – Daily Create 19






    I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona playing my guitar minding my business.  All of a sudden a man with a cane starts yelling out that I was singing his song and snatched my guitar from me. He said I was not singing the …

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    To Look, Listen, and Analyze A Movie


    Sometimes when I look at a movie in silence, I tend to make my own assumptions what they are talking about. Even when you can hear a movie most people make assumptions of what is going to happen next. I believe this is how we receive or get the story …

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    My Thoughts on Eberts Article



    I found Ebert’s article very interesting because in a sense we tend to analyze when we are watching a moving by assuming what will happened next. As Ebert mentions that it is something anyone can do and you do not have to be an expert.


    I like how he …

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    Sunset in the Rain – DailyCreate 13


    I took this picture last week Tuesday evening after we had some rain showers. I was on my way home from my ASL (American Sign Language) class and I thought the sky looked so pretty and thought maybe I will be able to use this for one of my DailyCreates. …

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    Can I Breath – Week 3 Blog Post


    I thought last week was one of the most challenging weeks for me, But I think this week was a nightmare and over the top for challenging. I had so many obstacles that I came across this week. I was so frustrated and was thinking I was not going to …

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    Blog – Foley-Charlie Chaplin


    I read the instructions wrong and had to do my audio over, I thought I was suppose to do 2:00 to 2:30. :) Silly me, but it was fun.  I just felt a little strange making crazy sounds. :)  I find it amazing how much technology has improved from barely …

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    Brain Frying – DailyCreate 12


    After all of the obstacles I been through this weekend, I am in brain overload.



    I also included the steps  for this dailycreate


    I used Microsoft office picture, I use the shape styles to pick the font size and color of the letters and the background , …

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    Panic and Emotional


    This seems like the week from hell, I thought everything would go smoothly after last weekend when I was having internet issues. This week tops it all, my sister calls me on Wednesday and tells me my brother-in-law having surgery to clear some blockage from his heart valves on Thursday. …

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    Strange and Scary


    This is a scary and at the same time strange article because I cannot understand as a parent how you have a 9-week old baby and you do not notice that an animal is on its head.Do you ever look to see if your baby is OK in the stroller? …

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