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  1. Downes

    Kona Sutra

    March 5, 2024. This is the new bicycle; I've been out on it a couple of times now. Though it was a beautiful day today I had to skip a day because of an abrasion caused by the leather Brooks saddle. It needs to be oiled and broken in, maybe not the th...
  2. Downes


    March 3, 2024. Our walk today took us to Pine Grove forest. It's still showing the effects of the derecho a couple years ago, and it looks like they removed a lot of the downed trees over the winter. We listened to the Blue Jays lose another spring tr...
  3. Downes

    Dow’s Lake

    March 2, 2024. The frozen surface of Dow's lake with a sheen of meltwater on it. This was a view as I took an 11 km ride on my new bicycle today. First ride of the year, first ride on the new bike. The bike exceeded my expectations, and though it was ...
  4. Downes


    March 1, 2024. This is CN6200, a train (obviously) on display in front of the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, now for some reason called Ingenium. It was my absolute favourite museum when I was a kid, though I haven't been back since it wa...
  5. Downes

    Dart Trophy

    February 29, 2024. This is from the Edmonton Interpub Dart League (South Central Division), winter 92-93. We finished in 4th place. The trophy has been broken several times and repaired (you can see the tape holding it together). It's from a time when...
  6. Downes


    February 28, 2024. This is artwork on the front of Feleena's, a Mexican restaurant on Bank Street. It's across the street from the bike shop. I was there in the afternoon after spending the morning and lunch hour preparing then delivering my seminar o...
  7. Downes


    February 27, 2024. This is the illustration on a wooden box of smoked salmon I bought ages ago and which now decorates my office. Honestly, I bought it for thr artwork, not the fish. It's as distinctive as it gets. Today was a work at-home day with a ...
  8. Downes


    February 26, 2024. I saw this out the window first thing this morning and snapped a photo before it went away. And it did go away, and there was no snow after 7:45. Tough day today, lots of work to do, especially on the Agora project before work and i...
  9. Downes

    Larose Forest

    February 25, 2024. Some very tall spruce trees in Larose Forest west, just north of Limoges. We were there for a 5 km snowshoe hike this afternoon. Probably the last snowshoeing of the year. Ball game was on. Fixed an emergency issue on the Agora webs...
  10. Downes


    February 23, 2024. This is a chocolate easter bunny, I know, I'm jumping the gun on the holiday a bit, but, chocolate. Meetings today, and I wrote a blog post rebutting the objections to AI in education.
  11. Downes


    February 22, 2024. These fish decorate the parking garage in the Glebe, which is where I went over lunch to look at a bicycle, a 56 cm that will fit me properly. I was pretty happy with the fit and put down the money. Also, I finally finished my liter...
  12. Downes


    February 21, 2024. Wen t to the dentist this morning and while it was all OK it sort of set me off for the rest of the day. I got a little work in but nothing like what I wanted to do. It's like I'm passing time waiting for winter to be over. I see so...
  13. Downes


    February 19, 2024. This is a close-up of some wall art we bought at an auction a number of years ago. But mostly it's me testing how closely I can shoot using my 50mm lens. Worked from the home office today, mostly on the lit review, partially on some...
  14. Downes


    February 17, 2024. This guy worked itself into the cage and spent a long time working on the feed cylinder, enough time to allow me to take this shot with the telephoto. It could be better; I shot at an angle through the hazy window by hand, but it's ...
  15. Downes

    Reaching for the Sun

    February 15, 2024. But the Sun isn't there. There's just this faint glow behind the clouds. It's cold. It's snowing this evening. And the plants are dead. It must be the middle of February. Spent the day working on my literature review, started a new ...
  16. Downes


    February 14, 2024. Butterfly decorations on the front of a house in my neighbourhood. I've always liked the way people put butterflies on their houses; there's no real incentive for them to do so, but they do it anyway. Today was much more productive ...
  17. Downes


    February 13, 2024. This is a tree at the office in the city. Seeing this tree is one of the few benefits of driving in to the city. Today was a zero-productivity day; I got my meds wrong in the morning and was off all day. Wrote a short bl;og post; th...
  18. Downes


    February 12, 2024. A sparrow snags a seed from the feeder. Shot with the telephoto but the camera decided to take the photos in lower-resolution JPG format. Still learning this new gear. Anyhow, I spent most of the day trying to write a script to post...
  19. Downes


    February 11, 2024. Spotted this squirrel in the bird feeder along the Mer Bleue trail on our walk today. I was trying to photograph birds (without a lot of success) with the telephoto. Puttering on some projects otherwise, maybe watching football this...
  20. Downes

    High In The Tree

    February 10, 2024. These are what appear to be starlings high in a tree down the road a bit. I could only see them from below, and this is the best my telephoto lens could capture. It's a pretty good image considering how far the were. Other than phot...
  21. Downes

    Wasp’s Nest

    February 9, 2024. The is a wasp's nest from last summer in a tree in the neighbour's yard (taken with my new 600mm lens). White sky and medium light. Even though I put out more seed the birds stayed away this afternoon (it's warm and melting so they'r...
  22. Downes

    Green’s Creek

    February 8, 2024. Over lunch today I checked out Green's Creek, an area of the Green Belt I have explored before, with an eye to hiking there on the week-end. The site looks nice, but it was very slippery with the recent thaw and freeze. It was anothe...
  23. Downes


    February 7, 2024. This is Julia, not only one of our cats, she's also the first daily photo to be shot with my new 600mm lens. Yes, I finally picked it up today. Also: a full day in the office working on context stuff.
  24. Downes

    Is Potato

    February 5, 2024. It's an odd potato from this week's Odd Bunch shipment. This week's was even better than last week's, even though it was outside for a couple of days - we got strawberries, a melon, avocados, parsley, and much much more, including th...

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