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  1. pransy

    Easy One Pot Vegatable Rice (Pulav) in Microwave.

    This is one of the easiest and laziest recipe to have a healthy meal when you just dont want to do anything. Ingredients Cooked Rice ( 1/2 Cup) Mixed vegetbles of your choice ( 1/2 cup – chopped ) Water 2 tbsp Oil 1 tsp Salt to taste Curry Powder / Tandoori Masala / Pav […]
  2. pransy

    Easy Tomato Soup in Microwave

    Tomatoes: 3 ( Cut into Slices ), Onion: 1 Garlic: 3 pods Butter: 1/2 Tsp Salt: To taste Pepper: 1/2 Tsp Water: 1/2 Cup Maida / All purpose flour: 1 Tsp mixed with 3 tbsp water Method Add Tomato ,Onion, Garlic, Butter in a microwave safe bowl & cook on high power for 3 minutes. […]
  3. amiddlet50

    Kitchen and studio-based learning

    The Great British Menu is back on UK television at the moment. I am not a fan of cooking programmes – though others are in my household – so, it’s on and inevitably I get caught up in it. Assessment … Continue reading

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