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  1. @sunglasses260

    Dank Memez Outlet

    As I scrolled through the Design Assignments in the ds106 Assignment Bank, an image caught my eye: At first glance, I thought it said “Memelets”, not Mermlet’s. My misreading paired with the title of the assignment (“Create a Logo that is simple but detailed”) inspired my idea for a fictional company that created memes and […]
  2. @sunglasses260

    A Very Avenger-y Bunch of Post-It Notes

    When you mix a favorite fandom with a love for world and character building, what do you get? A bit of daydreaming of domestic fluff that can result in creating grocery lists and post-it notes. I’m a fan of Marvel movies, and I find it fun to imagine what the Avengers are like outside of […]

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