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  1. @effyuwawa

    DAiLY creaTes!

    @ds106dc #tdc3382CowsEating grass black and whiteSpots all over themMilk— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 16, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc3381 Hell’s Kitchen. The ultimate pasta sport.— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 15, 2021 ...
  2. @effyuwawa

    Daily creates!

    @ds106dc #tdc3374 subtle mirror photo— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 9, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc3373 telescopic view vs the real thing— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 9, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc...
  3. @effyuwawa

    Spring has ARRIVED?

    For this daily create, we had to write a poem that speaks about how the weather/environment changes when spring or fall come around. I decided on spring, since we have finally hopped into the season. I really love writing poetry, but as of lately, I’ve been leaning more towards haikus. They’re short, simple, and, due […]
  4. @effyuwawa

    Sir Santos the Lemur

    For this daily create, you had to incorporate a lemur into something school related. Since our assignment this week is to create a story with our daily creates, I wanted to use this daily create to build onto a story of exploration. Hence, this is where Sir Santos was created. I looked up common Portuguese […]
  5. @effyuwawa

    Flag mashup!

    For this daily create, you had to create a mashup of two flags. I chose Spain and Brazil. Initially, I tried to gain some inspiration from the other posts, but I ended up going through the ones on the emoji keyboard. I was going to use the USSR flag but I felt these two would […]
  6. @effyuwawa


    @ds106dc #tdc3347 I’ve always thought we’d be living like the Jetson’s by now. Not much of an artist though— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) March 12, 2021 I genuinely though we’d at least have some flying cars by now. Wat...
  7. @effyuwawa

    Daily creates!

    @ds106dc #tdc3340 this beauty right here!— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) March 6, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc3338 literally all I see— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) March 3, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc3336 as rec...
  8. @effyuwawa

    So far…

    @ds106dc #tdc3322 #ds106 the good ol burg— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) February 15, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc3323 #ds106 my daily contribution to creativity— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) February 17, 2021
  9. @effyuwawa

    Daily Creates!!

    @ds106dc #tdc3319 if I ever had the chance to be in this room, Penthouse Cloud by the internet would be on repeat— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) February 13, 2021 I’ve always loved this picture. If I ever had the chance ...

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