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  1. @sunglasses260

    King of Jesters, and Jester of Kings!

    When I was much younger, my parents introduced me and my sister to the movie The Court Jester. For me, this 1955 classic was my first medieval/fairytale-themed rom-com movie I ever saw—The Princess Bride is the second one I can think of. One of the assignments I picked this week from the Design Assignments in […]
  2. @sunglasses260

    Collage of My Pets: Sugar, Shadow, and Stormy

    I’ve never lived without having pets before; I couldn’t imagine life without them. Sugar, Shadow, and Stormy all mean so much to me, so when I saw the assignment “Your love for your pet”, I couldn’t help but pick it as one of my assignments for the week. Here’s the description: Make a collage out […]
  3. @sunglasses260

    Five Essential Parts of My Day in Gifs

    Hi! You’re about to experience—through gifs—five things I do (nearly) every day. I chose the visual assignment “GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben” because 1) I like gifs, and 2) I thought it would be fun to make gifs of moments throughout my day. Ben Rimes regularly takes a day (February 2012 and December 2012) to capture […]
  4. @sunglasses260

    A Dreamy Drive Down the Pacific Coast Highway

    In the summer of 2019, before I started my first year of college, my family took a trip out west to California for 2 weeks. We had never gone on any vacation like this before, and it was absolutely amazing. This was why, when I saw the assignment “Story Map”, I knew I had to […]

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