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  1. @kasc96

    Singles Released February 1-7

    Medicate by Gabbie Hanna- I have been a casual fan of Gabbie’s Youtube content for a few years now. I know that her song ‘Monster’ was big even though I haven’t heard it. This song starts out slow and her voice is nice although her softer moments don’t feel as soft as they should. The […]
  2. @kasc96

    Singles Released January 25-31

    I’m so tired.. by Lauv and Troye Sivan- While I am a fan of Troye Sivan, I have not heard anything from Lauv. While this they both sound good on the track. Some of the sound mixing is a bit funky. While I know that most songs have an electronic layer over the vocals it […]
  3. @kasc96

    Singles Released January 18-24

    7 Rings by Ariana Grande- I’m going to start this off by saying while I am an Ariana fan, I’m willing to be honest with her music. I’ve seen some accusations by other artists that she has ripped off their music. I haven’t heard the originals so I can’t comment on that. At first I […]
  4. @kasc96

    Singles Released January 11-17

    Something that I am going to start doing is every Thursday I will post my reviews of singles that came out this week in one post. Of course, there is no way I would be able to cover all of them so I will only do ones that made the top 200 itunes chart. First […]

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