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  1. @kasc96

    White Lies- Five Album Review

    Time to Give- Vocally and instrumentally these guys remind me of Talking Heads. This sound, I would say brings me back to the 80s, but I wasn’t alive then. The song is seven minutes long so that is my main complaint. Instrumentally it does change so at least it isn’t repetitive for that long. I […]
  2. @kasc96

    Singles Released February 1-7

    Medicate by Gabbie Hanna- I have been a casual fan of Gabbie’s Youtube content for a few years now. I know that her song ‘Monster’ was big even though I haven’t heard it. This song starts out slow and her voice is nice although her softer moments don’t feel as soft as they should. The […]
  3. @kasc96

    American Authors- Seasons

    The last I heard of this group was in 2014 when their song ‘Best Day of my Life’ was all over the radio. I didn’t really like that song so even though that is the only song I have heard of them my expectations for this album are low. Stay Around- This song is about […]
  4. @kasc96

    Rival Sons- Feral Roots Album Review

    Another rock group I haven’t heard of before. Because rock is my favorite genre, whenever I get to discover someone new I am always excited. Hopefully this is a group that I really enjoy and want to hear more from. Do Your Worst- I really like the lead’s voice. He sounds great on the verses […]
  5. @kasc96

    Singles Released January 25-31

    I’m so tired.. by Lauv and Troye Sivan- While I am a fan of Troye Sivan, I have not heard anything from Lauv. While this they both sound good on the track. Some of the sound mixing is a bit funky. While I know that most songs have an electronic layer over the vocals it […]
  6. @kasc96

    Dawn Richard- new breed Album Review

    Here we are, another artist that I have not heard of up until this point. I always get excited when I find someone new because I have no expectations, but I also have the hope that I can find someone great. After some research I found out that she is from Danity Kane who I […]
  7. @kasc96

    Boogie- Everythings for Sale Abum Review

    So this is Boogie’s debut album. Lately there haven’t been any really good rap albums, even songs in general due to this new soundcloud era. Not saying that all soundcloud rappers are bad there is just not a good reputation as of yet. Who knows this guy could be the next big thing. Let’s see. […]
  8. @kasc96

    Backstreet Boys- DNA Album Review

    Okay here we go. It is always difficult when a beloved artist or group from the past comes back. Most of the times it is kind of cringy because they try too hard to sound modern. Here goes. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart- Okay so they definitely still sound the same as they did in […]
  9. @kasc96

    Mike Posner- A Real Good Kid Album Review

    Introduction- In the intro Mike wants listeners to take 40 minutes to listen to this album without any distractions. While I won’t be doing that because I am writing this. I hope that it doesn’t affect my experience. January 11th, 2017- To start off, the acapella rhythms before the lyrics kick in are beautiful. When […]
  10. @kasc96

    Singles Released January 18-24

    7 Rings by Ariana Grande- I’m going to start this off by saying while I am an Ariana fan, I’m willing to be honest with her music. I’ve seen some accusations by other artists that she has ripped off their music. I haven’t heard the originals so I can’t comment on that. At first I […]
  11. @kasc96

    THE FEVER 333- Strength in Numb333rs Album Review

    …- This is the intro to the album. It is a reporter talking about a gathering for change. This is making me excited to hear the music. BURN IT- This song’s lyrics are about the gun problem in America, more specifically police killing black men. The beat is powerful enough to show the anger that […]
  12. @kasc96

    Alice Merton- Mint Album Review

    I only know Alice because of her hit song “No Roots.” She played all over pop and rock stations almost too much. I liked the song, but there were some aspects that I didn’t like She has a good sound so hopefully with this album she will be able to define herself and show what […]
  13. @kasc96

    Singles Released January 11-17

    Something that I am going to start doing is every Thursday I will post my reviews of singles that came out this week in one post. Of course, there is no way I would be able to cover all of them so I will only do ones that made the top 200 itunes chart. First […]
  14. @kasc96

    The Delines- Imperial Album Review

    The Delines are a self described “retro country” group formed with members from The Decemberists, Richmond Fontaine, and Minus 5. Those groups were rock based so the knowledge that The Delines are country is intriguing. Cheer Up Charley- This song, instrumentally, isn’t interesting. While the production is sleek the guitar lines remain the same the […]
  15. @kasc96

    Randy Houser- Magnolia Review

    Here it is, another genre I don’t listen to. Although I grew up with country music, when I started developing my own musical taste, I left country behind. It isn’t a complete shock that I haven’t heard of this guy, but maybe he will make me miss country, who knows. No Stone Unturned-First thing I […]
  16. @kasc96

    Gregory Porter- One Night Only Review

    Today I will be reviewing Gregory Porter’s album One Night Only which is live orchestral versions of cover songs from his past. I have never heard of this guy before, probably because I don’t listen to this genre of music, but I’m looking forward to hearing his take on these classic songs. Mona Lisa- Intro […]
  17. @kasc96

    Balsam Range- Aeonic Review

    Like the last review, I am reviewing an album from a group I have never heard of from a genre I don’t listen to…bluegrass. My basic knowledge of bluegrass is the stereotype of the banjo with heavy accents. So I know absolutely nothing. This group, after some research, has won a lot of awards for […]
  18. @kasc96

    Life of Ben

    Welcome to the end! This week I have been working on a multi-piece project to conclude the course. First off, I want to mention the final daily creates. I have had a lot of fun doing them these past five weeks and I might even continue to participate. To kick it off, I worked on […]

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