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  1. @kasc96


    The next assignment that I worked on was to combine three photos of my brother in a timeline. I did a before, during, and after of his graduation. I saved the three photos onto my computer and then went into MSPaint. I put the photos onto one page and then changed the sizes so that […]
  2. @kasc96

    Beauty in three’s

    reply w/ tag #tdc2352 Let’s all take a second to appreciate the beauty of nature. — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) June 18, 2018 #ds106 #tdc2353 I would be my dog — Karina Schumm (@kasc96) June 19, 2018 #ds106 #tdc2354 I love this quote so much, but I'm not sure why. — […]
  3. @kasc96

    Start of the Finale

    This week, I will be using a bunch of different media in order to create a cohesive story. Since my brother just graduated high school, I have decided to center my story about his graduation and his future. I have picked four different mini-project for me to work on in order to create this story. […]
  4. @kasc96

    Resume Play

    This week I did four video assignments. First, I did a reaction video responding to the nursery rhyme that I had chosen earlier this week. Next, I created a video montage of my dog. Then, I filmed my day and created a minute long video. Lastly, I reviewed a product. This week was really busy […]
  5. @kasc96

    Pause the video

    To start off video week I did my two daily creates. They allowed me to create a story around photos that I took. Then I read Roger Ebert’s article about reading a movie. It was really interesting because it gave me a new perspective on viewing movies.     Then I watched some videos about […]
  6. @kasc96

    Beauty is a tree

    #ds106 #tdc2346 This is the octotree. In 1450 a witch cursed the octopus who kept opening all of her jars and turned it into a tree. — Karina Schumm (@kasc96) June 12, 2018 #ds106 #tdc2347 Beauty is as Beauty does pi...
  7. @kasc96

    Perspectives on video

    The first video that I watched was “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis,” in it Hitchcock spoke about how the same expression can be changed into different emotions depending on the footage surrounding it. This shows how important context in movies are. Subtle things such as this can influence how the audience views a character The next video […]
  8. @kasc96

    Reading a movie?

    In Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie, he makes connections to something that we discussed during the first week of class. He talked about the importance of the rule of thirds. He says that having a character on the left side of the screen is dominated by the person on the right. I think […]
  9. @kasc96

    Safe and Sound

    For audio week, I had to learn an entirely new program called Audacity. The daily creates that I did had no audio aspect involved but they were really fun. The first assignment that I did allowed me to create a story out of sound effects. The alien abduction story could very well happen in my […]
  10. @kasc96

    Creating in pairs

    For my first daily create, I went to the Wikipedia page with all of the letters translated. I then went into Paint and messed around with the fonts and colors. #ds106 #tdc2342 — Karina Schumm (@kasc96) June 8, 2018 For the second daily create, I went to a site to create a graph. I […]
  11. @kasc96

    Can you hear me now?

    To kick off the first half of audio week I did some daily creates that allowed me to put visuals to words. I then looked at different aspects of audio. I will admit that I was overwhelmed with all of the different programs and ideas that go into perfected audio, but I was also ready […]
  12. @kasc96

    Moon Graffiti

    I absolutely loved Moon Graffiti, the story itself poses an interesting what if question. The sounds add to the realistic nature of the story being told. The spacey music layered with the beeps of machines make if seem as though it actually happened. The quick sharp sounds add to the level of fear with the […]
  13. @kasc96

    Audio Resourcefulness

    I have always loved radio.  While I generally focus on the music, the local stations that I listen to are accompanied by great personalities who get me invested in what they are saying. Everything that Abumrad said about storytelling through radio made sense. A person can be creating visual through description and the listener can […]
  14. @kasc96

    Design in Practice

    This week, I have learned how to design and create my own content.  I worked with Canva and Pixlr in order to create images for these assignments. #tdc2336 #ds106 — Karina Schumm (@kasc96) June 2, 2018 #tdc2335 #ds106 — Karina Schumm (@kasc96) June 1, 2018 For my first assignment I used Canva in […]
  15. @kasc96

    I’m halfway through understanding design!

    This week we are learning about design. I have done multiple assignments that have taught me to appreciate all of the little steps that go into advertisements and other objects. I have worked on two daily creates that allowed me to express some creativity in design. The first one was to put a face onto […]
  16. @kasc96

    Noticing Design

    In thinking about what I was going to do for the design blitz, I looked through the eight principles of design and tried to think about them as I went about my daily life. The first thing that I noticed was the cover of The University of Mary Washington’s alumni magazine, (which I helped make […]
  17. @kasc96

    Understanding Design

    Looking at Scher and Carson’s TED talks, although they were saying similar things. The way that they emoted changed the message that they were sending. Throughout Paula Scher’s talk she emphasizes the importance of working seriously but not solemnly. She claims that serious work is taking chances and designing in a way that the designer has […]
  18. @kasc96

    This week is complete.

    This half of the week has been filled with fun activities that allowed me to create fun stories and explore my photography. I first worked on some fun daily creates where I was able to use a new (to me) technology. It involved using Bitmoji in order to create a scene. I also had the […]

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