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  1. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions 11 – Business Plan

    Something that I wanted to make sure was perfect was Parsley Productions Business plan. This was important as businesses grow and so its important to know how to ensure this and what will happen while the company grows. I spent a lot of time on the business plan and found it quite challenging as I … Continue reading Parsley Productions 11 – Business Plan
  2. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions 10 – Carry on the brand

    As soon as I created the website I needed to fill my portfolio page with work that Parsley Productions had created and was good enough that it would encourage potential clients to contact the company about creating content for their business. I decided to host most of my content on the platform Castbox. I decided … Continue reading Parsley Productions 10 – Carry on the brand
  3. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions 9 – Creating β€˜Jess Jabbers’

    After creating an informative podcast in the form of ‘A chat with..’ I decided to created a smaller, more light hearted podcast to add more to my website. I decided to just have a podcast where I would chat about whatever was on my mind and record it in my room using my Zoom H5 … Continue reading Parsley Productions 9 – Creating ‘Jess Jabbers’
  4. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions 8 – Creating β€˜A chat with..’

    I had several ideas for new podcast style shows that I wanted to create to fill up my portfolio. I decided to create a laid back one and a slightly more educational one to again, show how diverse the work that Parsley Productions could create. The first idea I had started a few months ago. … Continue reading Parsley Productions 8 – Creating ‘A chat with..’
  5. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions 7 – Existing Content

    Parsley Productions specialises in Audio and radio content, this is because it is what the owner of the company is passionate and has knowledge about. Because of this the company already has some content that can be shown on the portfolio page of the website. These already created content also show how diverse the company … Continue reading Parsley Productions 7 – Existing Content
  6. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions 6 – Branded items

    After I had completed the business cards I decided to branch out and think about the items the company may find useful once it expands. When Parsley Productions has enough clients that it is renting its own office space and has more employees it would be time to think about things such as lanyards for … Continue reading Parsley Productions 6 – Branded items
  7. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions – 5 Business cards

    One that I thought was an important thing to have when starting a company was business cards. I wanted to design some business cards for several different reasons. The main one being that it would make it easier for people interested in the company to contact me if they had all my information at hand. … Continue reading Parsley Productions – 5 Business cards
  8. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions – 4 Publishing my site

    The next step for Parsley Productions was finally publishing the website. This was very important so that clients could see the kind of work and the quality of work that comes from Parsley Productions. Before publishing the site it was important to also ensure the mobile site was fully functioning and easy to use. The … Continue reading Parsley Productions – 4 Publishing my site
  9. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions – 3 Starting my website

    Creating a website for my company is probably going to be my biggest and hardest task as I know exactly what I want to achieve from having a professional and functioning website. It may take me longer to achieve the desired effect but this time would not be a waste due to the importance of … Continue reading Parsley Productions – 3 Starting my website
  10. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions – 2 Creating a logo

    The first step to creating this radio production company was creating the logo. This would be very important for the remainder of the project as the logo is what any person, customer or employee would see straight away. A logo is also very important to a company as it is what the company is recognised … Continue reading Parsley Productions – 2 Creating a logo
  11. @Jessica_herb

    Parsley Productions – 1 Getting started

    This project will be the start up of a media company specialising in radio and audio production. The creator of this company already had the bones of a company set up but it is very basic. The company is called Parsley Productions so this project will rebrand and expand on this. At the moment Parsley … Continue reading Parsley Productions – 1 Getting started

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