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    Parsley Productions 11 – Business Plan


    Something that I wanted to make sure was perfect was Parsley Productions Business plan. This was important as businesses grow and so its important to know how to ensure this and what will happen while the company grows. I spent a lot of time on the business plan and found …

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    Social Media Reflexive video


    Its the end of term 2!! Almost the end of uni too! So here is my last ever Social Media Video! I have had great fun on this module and this year. Hope this video explains what I have enjoyed and learnt from this term!


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    Reviewing – Social Media 4


    I’ve worked really hard on this project and have done a lot of thinking about what makes a good social media campaign.

    Things I think went well:
    The idea behind the campaign was a really important one. A lot of products can’t be recycled and many people don’t even know …

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    Parsley Productions 10 – Carry on the brand


    As soon as I created the website I needed to fill my portfolio page with work that Parsley Productions had created and was good enough that it would encourage potential clients to contact the company about creating content for their business.

    I decided to host most of my content on …

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    Creating something new – Social Media 3


    Because of the wide range of shops in The Highcross I had a lot to choose from to focus my project on. I decided to pick two shops out and then focus on designing for them. I chose two with slightly different customers to show how diverse this campaign could …

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    Parsley Productions 7 – Existing Content


    Parsley Productions specialises in Audio and radio content, this is because it is what the owner of the company is passionate and has knowledge about. Because of this the company already has some content that can be shown on the portfolio page of the website. These already created content also …

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    Parsley Productions 6 – Branded items


    After I had completed the business cards I decided to branch out and think about the items the company may find useful once it expands. When Parsley Productions has enough clients that it is renting its own office space and has more employees it would be time to think about …

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    Parsley Productions – 5 Business cards


    One that I thought was an important thing to have when starting a company was business cards. I wanted to design some business cards for several different reasons. The main one being that it would make it easier for people interested in the company to contact me if they had …

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    Parsley Productions – 4 Publishing my site


    The next step for Parsley Productions was finally publishing the website. This was very important so that clients could see the kind of work and the quality of work that comes from Parsley Productions. Before publishing the site it was important to also ensure the mobile site was fully functioning …

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    Parsley Productions – 3 Starting my website


    Creating a website for my company is probably going to be my biggest and hardest task as I know exactly what I want to achieve from having a professional and functioning website. It may take me longer to achieve the desired effect but this time would not be a waste …

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    Parsley Productions – 2 Creating a logo


    The first step to creating this radio production company was creating the logo. This would be very important for the remainder of the project as the logo is what any person, customer or employee would see straight away. A logo is also very important to a company as it is …

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    Parsley Productions – 1 Getting started


    This project will be the start up of a media company specialising in radio and audio production.

    The creator of this company already had the bones of a company set up but it is very basic. The company is called Parsley Productions so this project will rebrand and expand on …

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    In summary…


    So its the end of term 1 and what a term its been! Third year seems to be going so fast its scary! However, I’ve had a super fun term and I’m actually excited to get on with the rest of the year after christmas!

    A lot has happened this …

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    After a manic week at uni last week it was super fun and refreshing visiting the Highcross shopping centre for our lab. We spoke to the manager at the the Timberland store and he spoke to us about how the company uses social media. I was particularly interested in how …

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    Survey of campaigns (TECH3022)


    Hello! I’m back! Its been a while.. I had a lovely summer but I think its time to get back into the swing of things so here we go!

    Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the use of hashtags and the effectiveness of online campaigns. I’ve …

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    WE UPLOADED OUR FIRST FEW POSTS! After hours and hours of cropping and editing all our photos we were able to post the first few letters of the alphabet.

    We posted all the way up to V which has made me very excited to finish the project finally! We have …

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    Editing away.. #VLF18


    We’ve had another few meetings about the progress of the page and I think its going well! We’ve added a few more promo shots to the Instagram stories which is great as its keeping our current followers interested in what is coming up during the project.
    We’ve taken most of …

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    Getting started #VFL18


    Today we met up and organised the rest of the photos that we need to take and when we are all free to take them. Some letters are proving more difficult than others to find something for but we’re slowly figuring out what the final project will look like.

    For …

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    Finding a cause #VFL18


    Last week we had a meeting about what we were going to create for our contribution to the ‘View from Leicester‘ project. We took notes on the meeting and made brain storms for our different ideas for the project.

    We had several ideas that were inspired by the …

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