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  1. @eleanorjo

    VFL18 Project – 6

    A reflection I think the concept of Selfies of Leicester has turned out amazing! We have reached our goal of connecting with people and giving them interesting content whilst also linking to the view from Leicester concept. We have shown of Leicester in a way thats unique and original and its something that easy to […]
  2. @BrandonHeys1

    So long… partner….. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you!

    So the end is here the group project has come to end after weeks of creating awesome content and experimenting and exploring new ideas the end of the road is here……. but fret not where does this project go from here? well I am going to leave that choice to you… do I continue it … Continue reading So long… partner….. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you!
  3. @eleanorjo

    VFL 18 Project – 3

    Then next step in the Selfies of Leicester journey was taking the images! Charlotte and I went our separate ways to go around Leicester and get the perfect selfies for the insta page! We both used our iPhones to make the selfie taking as straightforward as possible. I saved the old images to my phone […]
  4. @eleanorjo

    VFL 18 project – 5

    The growth of the account 15th April After creating and uploading the first initial pictures we started posting a lot more. Including hashtags and linking locations. This helped the page to grow a lot as people were interacting by likings and following. On my personal account I updated my story asking my followers to go […]
  5. @eleanorjo

    VFL 18 Project – 2

    Selfies of Leicester! Now that I have an Idea established some planning needed to take place to get the ball rolling. Firstly I created an Instagram page to put my images on. This was simple and I started following people I know. (insert Instagram image here) I then needed to find some images of old […]
  6. @eleanorjo

    VFL 18 Project – 1

    For the VFL group project we were asked to come up with an idea that remixed or re-used film from The British Film Council as a creative stepping off point to explore Britishness. We were also asked to create the media around Leicester to show the city in different ways similar to the BFC films giving the project its name. View From […]
  7. @MatthewJLetts

    Is there anything else more to life then to be really, really, really RIDICULOUSLY good looking??

    To start off with, me and Brandon had a quick meeting in the greenscreen room, to discuss where we will be taking our project and how were going to be linking it together instead of having random videos everywhere. We finally agreed on going down the TV/Advert route, as before we experimented with shows and … Continue reading Is there anything else more to life then to be really, really, really RIDICULOUSLY good looking??
  8. @RiannaL05

    This is how we do it

    To get started on the project we took ourselves out to famous landmarks and not so famous places in Leicester and started taking the photos we needed. For our project we took inspiration from last years ‘Leicester Lego Man’  This day we took the photos and also decided to make a little vlog which shows... Continue Reading →
  9. @RiannaL05

    View From Leicester 18

    So this is the start of a new project for this module. This project gets us to get more involved with making social media and making spreadable medial. understanding how things go viral and why people share things. What is it that makes us share that funny video or that moving, inspirational story. As a... Continue Reading →
  10. @BrandonHeys1

    Jigsaw takes over the AUDIO?! I did not do it I did nawt!?

    February 20th 2018 – It starts here #VFL18 #ViewFromLeicester So me and Matthew decided to do some audio based projects and then edit sound effects and music into them to spice this group project up a lit bit more, and add some much needed pzazz. We decided to do some The Room scenes and make … Continue reading Jigsaw takes over the AUDIO?! I did not do it I did nawt!?
  11. @BrandonHeys1

    Finding The Project #VFL18 “LEICESTER’S ART OF THE FILMS”

    Last week we had a meeting regarding what we where going to create and contribute to the ‘View from Leicester‘ project. We took notes on everything that was said in that meeting and discussed the ideas further so we got a better understanding were this project was going, and what direction we was going to take. … Continue reading Finding The Project #VFL18 “LEICESTER’S ART OF THE FILMS”

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