1. @MatthewJLetts

    Social Media Evaluation


    As I have gone over in the video above, social media is not as great as everyone expects or thinks it is. It is a harmful place where people get bullied, harassed and just ridiculed. It can take multiple forms such as, over text, Facebook, Twitter and would be based …

  2. @MatthewJLetts

    This ship can’t sink!?


    And so here we are ladies and gentleman…. The end of our fabulous journey. Above is our final video mash up of all our projects over the past few weeks. It has been a pleasure taking you with us on our journey. I wish we linked our videos together instead …

  3. @MatthewJLetts

    Dance your heart out sweetie!


    This hands down was my favourite video to edit, I couldn’t stop laughing whilst making it. The idea behind it was to finish off our TV and adverts, we were going to make a music video, of which I filmed and edited, whilst Brandon danced. I felt we did this …

  4. @MatthewJLetts

    Why So Serious….


    This section of videos was a mixture of our ideas from the meet up, I wanted to do documentaries and they weren’t too bad however could have been so much better. I wanted to relate to The View from Leicester however we didn’t have enough time or production cost to …

  5. @MatthewJLetts

    Don’t call me freak…


    So to begin this blog, I’ll tell you how it became a thing. About a year ago I watched a show which was one of the bes shows ever made with my favourite all time TV how opening. It stars famous actors of which started their career. It only lasted …

  6. @MatthewJLetts

    Cover your ears, This is going to get rough…


    To start off with, me and Brandon decided we’d experiment with audio first, as it was simple and quick learning steps to professionally editing our videos and using Adobe Audition to make our audio sound good. Above are two photos of us planning, editing and recording our pieces. Below are …

  7. @MatthewJLetts

    Show Us Your Blue Steel


    I was excited when I first read this assignment, as Zoolander is one of my favourite movies, back in college me and a few mates tried recreating Blue Steel as a joke. The objective for this assignment was to recreate Blue Steel with effects and music in your own way. …

  8. @MatthewJLetts

    Make Your Own Mixtape


    I enjoyed this assignment a lot, as I got to listen to a load of my favourite songs with my main being David Bowie’s Heroes, which I started the mixtape off with. The point of the assignment was to create a mixtape that people used to decades ago, with your …

  9. @MatthewJLetts

    Auditory Hell


    This assignments probably the easiest I’ve done so far. The aim was to create the worst sound ever. To do this, I used my Microsoft Headset, which has a very competent microphone that picks up every little sound. This allowed me to put the microphone in my mouth and just …

  10. @MatthewJLetts

    Inappropriate Laughter


    Throughout blogging I have come across some hilarious and unusual assignments, but this is by far the most hysterical. The objective was to add laughing tracks over the top of sad or serious moments in a movie to make it funny. I chose to do the ending of Spiderman 3, …

  11. @MatthewJLetts

    Video Game Cover Mashup


    In this assignment the aim was to generate a game cover that would likely been seen on the shelves combining two games together. I thought of two of my favourite games, which turned out to be “Overwatch” and “Battlefront II”. I wanted to have it saying Battlewatch II, however it …

  12. @MatthewJLetts

    Funny Singing Voice Over


    This assignment was one of the funniest I’ve had the pleasure of doing, as it involved me and a mate singing at 4pm in a recording booth to the most ridiculous songs we could imagine. We booked out a microphone with Av Loans, booked out a recording booth, set up …

  13. @MatthewJLetts

    Create Your Own Room


    This was an interesting assignment, I don’t enjoy house redesign shows or anything to do with DIY, however I did enjoy choosing what I would like for my perfect bedroom and it turns out I would love to have a modern/futuristic space like bedroom, which would be amazing. Maybe the …

  14. @MatthewJLetts

    Google Draw Something



    This was one of the funniest assignments I’ve had to do so far, as the aim was to use Google Draw to draw an object that it states, then a text to speech voice goes over its database of different objects it could be. It astonishes me how it …

  15. @MatthewJLetts

    Go Back In Time


    In this assignment the objective was to use a website called The Wayback Machine (http://archive.org/web/). In this website you can enter any address you want and see what it looked like when it was first made onwards. The assignment asks to take a look at several different sights …

  16. @MatthewJLetts

    Been There


    In this assignment, I was supposed to find a gif which I can relate to and for that I found a gif from the Disney movie “Inside out” with the character Sadness. I find this gif represents me very well, as I also do something wrong which I never meant …

  17. @MatthewJLetts

    Get Off My Porch


    The objective behind the assignment, was to show why Clint Eastwood was so upset. The original gif to show an example, contained my little ponys annoying Eastwood. For mine I decided to use a clip from the film “Wanted”, which is about a guy who has abnormal powers that make …

  18. @MatthewJLetts

    I’m Ready For My Close Up


    In this image the assignment stated to create a mashup of someone’s face in a dramatic scene. The thought process behind it was to think of the saddest scene in a movie I could think off, so the only one that came to mind was the scene in Pixar’s Up, …

  19. @MatthewJLetts

    My Favourite Thing To Do


    For this assignment the goal was to create a 30 second to 1 minute video of my hobby and blog about why I enjoy doing it. For my hobby, I chose gaming, as it is a regular activity I do with friends, which acts as a social hobby to chat …

  20. @MatthewJLetts

    Return To The Silent Era


    For this video assignment, I was excited and thrilled to create my own version of my favourite movie genre, as a silent movie. The aim was to create a modern day trailer and render it in the form of the silent era. I found my edit to go extraordinary well, …

  21. @MatthewJLetts

    Vintage-ify A Place


    In this assignment I decided to choose a mythical place from one of my favourite movies, “Star Wars”. The objective was to take a place from my favourite spots in the world, home town or a fictional place that deserves its own poster.

    As the Star Wars movies are about …

  22. @MatthewJLetts

    Create A T-Shirt


    The objective was to create a unique shirt with either a picture or text or both, which can range from funny to serious. I decided to place mine in the middle of them categories, where the quote “Sometimes I pretend to be normal” sums me up very well and has …

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