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    How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life? 

    The social media must have; Facebook has practically become a necessity in everyday life. From connecting with the friends of our past to making new ones through common interests, it has seriously impacted …

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    VFL18 Project – 6


    A reflection

    I think the concept of Selfies of Leicester has turned out amazing! We have reached our goal of connecting with people and giving them interesting content whilst also linking to the view from Leicester concept. We have shown of Leicester in a way thats unique and original and …

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    VFL 18 Project – 4


    Uploading to the Instagram

    We created the Instagram very quickly as its straight-forward and simple, I started by following people we know around Leicester and who would be interested in the content.  This meant that we could get likes and comments and bring some traffic to the page as a …

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    VFL 18 Project – 3


    Then next step in the Selfies of Leicester journey was taking the images! Charlotte and I went our separate ways to go around Leicester and get the perfect selfies for the insta page! We both used our iPhones to make the selfie taking as straightforward as possible. I saved the …

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    VFL 18 project – 5


    The growth of the account

    15th April

    After creating and uploading the first initial pictures we started posting a lot more. Including hashtags and linking locations. This helped the page to grow a lot as people were interacting by likings and following. On my personal account I updated my story …

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    VFL 18 Project – 2


    Selfies of Leicester!

    Now that I have an Idea established some planning needed to take place to get the ball rolling. Firstly I created an Instagram page to put my images on. This was simple and I started following people I know.

    (insert Instagram image here)

    I then needed to …

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    VFL 18 Project – 1


    For the VFL group project we were asked to come up with an idea that remixed or re-used film from The British Film Council as a creative stepping off point to explore Britishness. We were also asked to create the media around Leicester to show the city in different ways …

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    My Disney Remix


    For the audio assignment I chose the Disney Lyric Mash up as I am a massive Disney Fan.  I know all of the words to the songs (pretty much) so it was kinda easy to chose the songs which fit together. Firstly I download the songs I wanted, this was …

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    Psycho GIF


    For the Animated GIF assignment I’ve chosen to create a Psycho GIF! This task seemed the most fun to me as I’m a fan of horror films however I’ve never actually watched Psycho, even tho I know a lot about it and I’ve seen clips on the film a thousand …

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    The thoughts of my judgemental microwave


    For this writing assignment I chose to take on the challenge of the ‘Monologue of a household tool’ and I decided to go with my microwave. Its only been in my life for around 6 months and it was gifted to me from my grandparents when me and my boyfriend …

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    Paris disaster map (visual)


    For the visual assignment I created a map of my eventful day In paris that I had over the Xmas holidays. I Found it really fun matching the location to the image and what happened there and it is something that I think I would again on my next big …

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    My definition of social media


    My personal definition of social media is anything thing that some one has created and shared online. This has a very wide range of possibilities, however social media really is everywhere and used every second of every day. Whether you are sharing your photography on Instagram or writing your opinions …

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    My ‘diamante’ poem


    I chose to write my diamanté poem about coffee as it is a passion of mine and I’m drinking it whilst writing. A first it found it very easy however towards the second half it got slightly more difficult and I even had to google what a synonym was …

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    I found this daily create and it instantly jumped out at me for two reasons. I used to love the PowerPuff girls when I was younger, so much so that went to a fancy dress party as the green one when I was five. And also I actually completed …

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    My first daily create


    I really like the fact that we can blog about something very random and still connect with people involved in the daily creates. For my first daily create I used the random function on the site and came around this challenge. I love drawing, however I’m not the best at …

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