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  1. @RiannaL05


    As early as 2006 #Metoo has been tweeted on twitter. It all started Tarana Burke, a civil rights activist used the hashtag to tell her story. In October 2017 Alyssa Milano used the same hashtag and encouraged women to speak out about their experienced of sexual harassment or abuse. The hashtag quickly went viral and Milano then... Continue Reading →
  2. @RiannaL05

    This is how we do it

    To get started on the project we took ourselves out to famous landmarks and not so famous places in Leicester and started taking the photos we needed. For our project we took inspiration from last years ‘Leicester Lego Man’  This day we took the photos and also decided to make a little vlog which shows... Continue Reading →
  3. @RiannaL05

    View From Leicester 18

    So this is the start of a new project for this module. This project gets us to get more involved with making social media and making spreadable medial. understanding how things go viral and why people share things. What is it that makes us share that funny video or that moving, inspirational story. As a... Continue Reading →
  4. @RiannaL05

    Drama Girls.

    Now this is the story of how these three beautiful queens met and became inseparable It all started 27th August 2014, When These two (below) met at an audition for a drama course. They both did well and were accepted onto the course. Both of them then went and sat in the canteen of the... Continue Reading →
  5. @RiannaL05

    Thank You B.Davis

    This blog post WILL involve spoilers. You have been warned. (yeeeaaah the video is quite long but it makes sense so please watch.) Quote from the show: ‘She was fiercely independant. Brooke Davis. Brilliant, and beautiful, and brave. In 2 years she had grown more than anyone I had ever known. Brooke Davis is going to... Continue Reading →
  6. @RiannaL05

    Frozen Emotions

    So I decide to do this assignment because I had a movie in mind straight away. Frozen. Now I’m not saying I hate this movie but I don’t love it. Like it’s good but it got waaaaay too much hype. In my opinion Moana was much better and didn’t get much hype. Now I started... Continue Reading →
  7. @RiannaL05

    True Love Through Video

    by So after reading the assignment details I instantly knew what I wanted to do. Recently I’ve been listening to ‘Not My Ex’ by Jessie J  and I have to say from the moment I heard it I thought this is amazing! her voice is something else! and I’ve also been rewatching my favourite tv... Continue Reading →
  8. @RiannaL05

    Too innocent to be a villain

    Not really the best at making up names so I’ll let the public decide. I decided to use a snapchat filter for this daily create because I felt it was creative. this filter gives me the illusion of having darker eyes and I like the glowing teeth thing around my face and the one highlighting... Continue Reading →
  9. @RiannaL05

    Define Social media…….

    What is social media? To me social media is an online place to share your pictures, videos, thoughts and feelings act with the world. Social media allows you to connect with people….But it can be bad. if you are constantly using Something like Facebook to interact with people then you loose sight of the good... Continue Reading →

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