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  1. shaunv1

    On Gratitude

    Clearly, the glory days for gratitude are here. It’s having its moment in the sun. Every popular psych or self-improvement piece seems to mention it. Apparently it’s the quick fix to happiness. Gratitude however, much as the miracle cure it is made out to be hasn’t really worked for me. In fact, often gratitude makes … Continue reading On Gratitude
  2. shaunv1

    The Acid Test

    That’s incredible, pretty amazing, but I’m not sure I’d want to visit, I thought to myself putting down the paper and pondering over the article I’d just read. The headlines read ‘Acid attack victims join hands, open cafe near Taj Mahal in Agra’ I’d be too overwhelmed by the horrific nature of such violence. It … Continue reading The Acid Test

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