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    Is Travel the road to Nirvana?


    While travelling in Europe last year I met a lot of interesting people. All travellers in their own right. Some more travelled than others. A few on their first international trip. Many who love the life on the road, others taking a short break to escape the monotony of their …

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    What’s going on Shaun!


    It’s been 2 years since I moved to the UAE. I thought I’d list down all the eventful stuff I’ve done and been through,  since these experiences often get forgotten. Some really cool, others really challenging. These are bittersweet memories. Some I want to remember but some I’d rather forget.…

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    On Gratitude


    Clearly, the glory days for gratitude are here. It’s having its moment in the sun.

    Every popular psych or self-improvement piece seems to mention it. Apparently it’s the quick fix to happiness.

    Gratitude however, much as the miracle cure it is made out to be hasn’t really worked for me.…

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    London for Less! Guest Post by Riddhi Mahimkar!


    I’m really excited to introduce Riddhi Mahimkar as a guest blogger for BeyondBoredom. Trust me, it wasn’t easy getting her to write about her travels. She’s as lazy about documenting her journeys as she is passionate about travel. Unlike most of my other female classmates who are finding bliss in …

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    Waiheke Island


    Lazing around at the Jumeirah Beach here in Dubai reminded me of Waiheke Island, near Auckland, probably one of the best beaches I have ever been to, so here are some of the pictures of the lesser known Waiheke Island.

    Waiheke is just a 35 minute ferry ride (under 50$) …

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    Merida – The Roman City in Spain


    Ancient Roman architecture

    Merida is the small but beautiful capital city of Extremadura, Spain. It’s a city that takes you straight to glorious heart of ancient Spain. Friendly folk, engaged in their lively banter in cafes on the narrow streets, Roman ruins scattered across the city, the rich aroma of …

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    My First Visit to a Mosque


    On Friday, I visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. My first time at a Mosque and I was blown away by it’s majestic beauty. It is the eight largest mosque in the world and its design unites the cultural diversity of Islamic world, the historical and modern values …

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    The Acid Test


    That’s incredible, pretty amazing, but I’m not sure I would visit, I thought to myself putting down the paper and pondering over the article I’d just read.

    The headlines read ‘Acid attack victims join hands, open cafe near Taj Mahal in Agra’

    I’d be too overwhelmed by the horrific nature …

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    I looked back and caught that tear,

    lingering in her eye, latching onto her fear,

    Her heart was tangled and not far from being torn,

    The moment had arrived, selfishly hers to call her own,

    The winds of change were raging a storm,

    ­And she couldn’t get the music to …

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    Vagabond Wisdom – The menace of the media


    ‘But is it safe?’ I asked my uncle. He had just been to Mexico, on holiday. He was a science professor in North America, and was now in India.

    ‘Yeah?’ He looked at me slightly confused.

    ‘Is it safe like you know to walk down the street alone?’ I probed …

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    Thank you! (Dream Reader)


    Please forgive me if this letter sounds like I’m selling myself, no, wait my skills, or rather my profile to you. Job portals have done this to me. Forgive me if I sound like I am seeking approval and ignore my incoherent rambling. The countless applications that I have filled …

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    What this is all about #blogging101


    There’s no denying it, the blogs title is suggestive in a way. I am bored easily and it isn’t difficult to capture my interest. This blog is an attempt to get beyond that. To push through the mundane. To have a sense of purpose.

    Words are a powerful tool and …

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    You live. You learn.


    2014 was a fantastic year. An epic year.

    A year where I haven’t regretted anything. Of course, there were decisions that I’ve sometimes second guessed. But it’s been backed with the maturity that taking bold decisions are a part of life. You win some and you learn some. That’s an …

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    The Devil of Dogma


    “It’s so ironic you know.” What? I asked my friend taking my eyes of the skyline in the distance. He was wasted and we were slumped against the wall of the terrace. It was rather cold and windy. Winter was setting in. “People. We live in a world of bigots. …

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    Why so Racist, India?


    Racism for some reason has always been the subject of my interest. It’s amazing how the colour of your skin can play a vital role in determining your place in the world. It’s also funny how people can love or hate you based just on that.

    We’ve seen the media …

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    Cause I will write a song for you









    When you’re feeling like a misfit,

    And people are looking down on you,

    You need to show some grit, even for just a bit

    Cause I will write a song for you.


    When all your friends are gone,

    And there are no …

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    The Stoner Anthem




    So darling, let me have just another puff,

    It’s been so long that I haven’t had that stuff,

    I know you’ve made your point,

    But darling, it’s just a fking joint,

    I don’t want to lie,

    Sometimes I just need to get high,

    You really seem to care …

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    Lucid Dreams 2014-11-13 16:34:41


    Coming undone.

    It’s that time again, where we almost say good bye

    that time where we don’t know what we are in for

    So we stay lonely for a while, tears washing away our smiles

    But then we say that this is not what we want and wipe our eyes …

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    My Diet Experiment


    Circa 2007: Your getting a little tummy mate, said my co worker mockingly. Annoying prick had a 6 pack. ‘Whoa, no chance mate, I’m too thin for that to happen. I just can’t put on any weight’ I replied, my pride hurt. ‘Whatever, that what everyone says at your age’ …

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    Things I realised in 2013


    This maybe a little premature, considering it’s not Dec yet when a list like this should typically come out. But Dec is always a busy month. Considering, all my bitches are coming down, it’s going to be tough to get anything on the blog. Although I have run through the …

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    Awesome # 2


    Free food at candies!!!

    Or shall we say complimentary! Its almost a year now that my girlfriend and me have made this discovery. I dont like to call myself a freebee but Nadia she loves free stuff.  Talk bout me being mangy and she Goan. Ok I’m kidding who does …

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    Awesome # 1


    A close friend who can get you cheap tickets!!

    Yeah! Beat that bitchesss!

    A few months ago I was planning on touring this beautiful world especially Brazil and admiring the tasty food, beautiful women and people that live in it with their glorious cultures, customs, features etc.  Then I saw …

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    I’m Awesome.


    I’ve become quite the geek of late, from reading business books to watching documentaries and talks on various subjects. Last week I came across a TED Talk by Neil Pasrichaan ‘Indo- African’ (IMO) who moved to Canada when he was young. His life was a mess with his wife leaving …

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    Work may never end but college sure does!


    Slick oiled hair, clean shaven, except for traces of a moustache that still casts doubts about the completion of puberty; I slowly put on my newly bought, ill fitting formal clothes. Hoping it would hide my usual laidback, not showered-just out of bed look, I made my way to college.…

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    What you didnt say.



    “Good writing does not succeed or fail on the strength of its ability to persuade. It succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone elses head. ” — Malcolm Gladwell

    Only you can tell …

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    25 things you didnt know about me


    Posted on Feb 25, 2009 on my Fbk Account. Incase you didnt know me then.

    1. I throw up before every big event: exams, interviews, speeches, games, asking her out.
    2. I love reading nutrition facts on food packages and the manuals of all the tech gadgets that I buy …

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    Let it slide


    “The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.”. Remember Tyler Durden? Fight Club?

    As soon as I heard the protagonist say that, I couldn’t swear more by that line. It became my mantra pushing everything that bothered me under the carpet, making myself believe its water under …

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    Fight!!! Harooooo


    “Closer, he’s tiring, he’s done, he’s over, finish him”  Its nearly 35°C, we are in the middle of May and I’m not sure whether it’s the heat, the adrenaline or the plain exhaustion that has me sick to my stomach about to throw up, but fight hard to keep it …

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    Paradox City


    “The queen’s necklace looks really beautiful at night; we must come
    here more often” she said “Yes, It does, but look how filthy the water is, even the night can’t hide its ugliness” I said unable to exercise restraint over my tendency to overlook the better things and jump right …

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