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  1. @Gamerade619

    Two are Better than One


        Carl made a hissing sound and Ethan looked down and told him to be quiet. When Ethan looked up Poseidon dissolved into a wispy white fog and floated into nothingness.      Now Ethan and Carl stood at the bottom of the empty sewer system. After examining the gigantic rock pipe they were in, […]

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  2. @Gamerade619

    Trip Downtown?

    A knock at the hotel room door woke up Ethan. He answered with his eyelids hanging low. “Room service for Mr. Ethan Trivian,” cheerfully announced the hotel employee. “I didn’t order room service,” barked Ethan. “I know Mr. Trivian. Mr. Sinta did'” replied the employee. Ethan didn’t know a Mr. Sinta but accepted the food. He … Continue reading Trip Downtown?
  3. @Gamerade619

    Pulling Two Rabbits Out of A Wallet

    The cab squealed to a stop. Ethan dug through his wallet, grabbed what looked like five dollars in ones, threw it into the cab drivers hand and hurried into the airport. In his wallet he saw his plane ticket but, didn’t remember grabbing it.  Ethan checked in at the first available counter. The airline representative greeted Ethan, took … Continue reading Pulling Two Rabbits Out of A Wallet

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