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  1. aetherbunny

    Daily 300 (4): Without a straight pin

    I’m learning to tailor my own clothes. This seems like an imperative thing to learn considering the arbitrary sizing of women’s clothing. I’m 5’3”-ish and 155 pounds, and though most of that weight sits well on my body it is not flattered by commercial designers. I’m unique. So is everyone. Go figure. I can wear […] more
  2. aetherbunny

    Summer 2013: Breaking, Building, Bending

    Image courtesy of puuikibeach That’s more or less what my room looks like right now (sans awesome pirate flag). I’m trying to get all of the crap I’ve collected over the past decade or so sorted out, donated, tossed if it’s past the point of usefulness to anyone in any way, and setting up my […] more
  3. aetherbunny

    Digital innovation and yet more rhetoric

    Martin Weller’s The Digital Scholar: How Technology is Transforming Scholarly Practice has finally come up on my to-read list, and I’ve realized that I probably should have started with this book in the first place. Because Weller and Jim Groom share a lot of the same ideas on how digital and open education should operate, […] more
  4. aetherbunny

    Daily 300 (1): Because the heart is a muscle

    And metaphorically the heart is where all the best words come from. If you don’t exercise your muscles, they’ll atrophy. This is a truism of writing as well: to write, you must write. Bam, simple. Except apparently if you’re me, and you’re one of those kinds of perfectionists, and the idea of writing something with […] more
  5. aetherbunny

    Second winter reading list

    Seriously though. I know astrological spring and meteorological spring are different concepts and I’m all for more snow, but the bouncing back and forth thing has got to stop. GET IT TOGETHER, VIRGINA. This post is a day late thanks to the Sweet Briar creative writing conference eating most of my brain really late because […] more
  6. aetherbunny

    ds106: teaching an ethos

    My final paper is proceeding apace. And by “apace” I mean WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS LAST SEMESTER? What made me think this was a good plan? DEAR GOD I GRADUATE IN TWO MONTHS! Panicking aside, I’ve made some decent progress on sorting out how I want to conclude my paper, and how […] more
  7. aetherbunny

    Plotting, planning, and sleep deprivation

    You guys, the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy exciting.         Next Thursday I’ll be attending OpenVA, “Virginia’s First Annual Open and Digital Learning Resources Conference,” as the tagline proclaims. Looking over the proposed schedule is overwhelming, especially since the final schedule will have my name on it—I’m giving […] more
  8. aetherbunny

    Back to the beginning: ds106 and open education

    This week’s post is going to be a bit short, but I’m hoping to lay the groundwork for a return to where all this madness began: ds106! My initial proposal revolved around framing a discussion of open education and edtech with my experiences in that class, and while I’ve spent these first few weeks getting… more
  9. aetherbunny

    Three ideals in one assignment!

    Before I carry on any further with digesting Spiro and Alexander’s paper on open education in the liberal arts, I wanted to do two things: first, try to clarify a little of what I was discussing last week, and jump to the end of the paper to check out the section on obstacles facing open… more
  10. aetherbunny

    How to beat a big scary project

    If there’s one thing I learned (and actually got some practice overcoming) last semester, it’s that I have an intense aversion to starting new things. So this research project proposal? Yeah. It’s still kicking my ass. The only way to fix that… IS TO BEGIN. I have taken into account some of the feedback I’ve… more
  11. aetherbunny

    Bulk editing: fail and fixes

    Bulk editing of posts is one of the most useful features that WordPress offers. It’s also one of the most fatally flawed, because while you can easily add categories and tags to large numbers of posts at once, it’s impossible to remove large numbers of posts from a category using WordPress’ native CSS. I’ve figured… more
  12. aetherbunny

    What’s next on Aetherbunny?

    TUNE IN AND FIND OUT! Seasonal! Kinda! Also appropriate considering there is a LOT of new stuff! Starting with dusting off the cobwebs on WordPress and getting everything shiny and updated for 2013. So. Here are my big scary awesome projects for the new year: Big Scary Awesome Research Paper- I’m doing a research project!… more
  13. aetherbunny

    The greatest adventure…

    … is what lies ahead. Perhaps this is crass, but I have to say it: holy crap. When I signed up for ds106 last semester, I think I was expecting a fun, creative class that would help me earn all my required credits towards graduation without pushing me over the limit of English courses I… more
  14. aetherbunny

    “Answer the Unanswered Riddle”

    “WHO IS THE STAR-BEARER, AND WHAT WILL HE LOOSE THAT IS BOUND?” In 1976, Patricia A. McKillip published a fantasy novel that became a quiet legend among those who read it and fell in love with the world she created. The Riddle-Master of Hed told the story of a man pulled inexorably away from his… more

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