1. aetherbunny

    Once upon a time…


    … on a fairly new website, a blog post about storytelling started out with a ridiculously cliched title.

    The author of said blog post squinted at the screen. An -ly adverb? I use way too many of those, she thought, that’s lazy writing right there. Augh! Did it again.

    Typical, …

  2. aetherbunny

    Verizon sucks, but the internet is here to help!


    I’ve been griping recently about my phone, the LG-VN150 Revere, being unable to download images to my PC even though it came with a nifty little data cable. Turns out the phone’s not built with any kind of hardware-based data transfer capabilities–you have to use digital data transfers for everything, …

  3. aetherbunny

    What the rabbit said


    Basically. I’ve no excuses here, save that I broke the First Rule of ds106, which is DON’T GET BEHIND IN DS106! Part of that was family coming into town unexpectedly, part of it was the fact that I’m pretty terrible at managing my time and staying on top of my …

  4. aetherbunny



    So this has nothing to do with anything, except that is it INCREDIBLE and turns my brain into a puddle of delighted sensory goo:

    Also, this:

    I have no idea why this happens, only that I’ve read it happens to other people too (especially non-neurotypical individuals, and this is the …

  5. aetherbunny

    Exactly what it says on the tin


    Today’s Daily Create assignment was to capture a spinning object, something with motion-blur or frozen in its spin. I have a thing that was made for spinning. Literally. Here’s a spinning spindle:

    Okay, not exactly my most inspired title, but they can’t all be winners. In all honesty I’m getting …

  6. aetherbunny

    The Great Out Glare


    Today’s Daily Create was a photo suggesting the great outdoors. As my camera is currently being borrowed by someone in Washington state, I managed this masterpiece with my crappy webcam software:

    Of course, it was only after I took this photo that I realized I have a camera phone, and …

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