1. aetherbunny

    The Happy Student’s Guide to #ds106


    Okay, MOST of the profs won’t bite… I can’t speak for Prof. Levine if he hasn’t had his daily walk. Also, apparently sleep deprivation makes me confuse rabbits, rhinoceroses and dinosaurs. I’m gonna have to create an assignment based on the rhinosuar…


  2. aetherbunny

    Heir of Paths and Bucket Tool


    Continuing with my theme of “let’s parody every awesome line from Riddle-Master,” I give you my minimalist poster for the second book in the trilogy, “Heir of Sea and Fire”!

    MINIMALISM, AHAHAHAH. Why the heck did I ever think I could attempt minimalism? MY FAVORITE ART STYLE IS ART NOUVEAU, …

  3. aetherbunny

    Remix, Reuse, Recycle


    I’m deeply familiar with the art of the remix—in fact, anybody who is remotely invested in the culture of the internet at any level has to be. What I didn’t know was the origin of the term, or the catchy tagline that I’m going to cross-stitch onto a sampler and …

  4. aetherbunny

    “We were promised a woman of media…”


    … which is a complete bastardization of one of the best lines from Patricia A. McKillip’s epic Riddle-Master trilogy.

    I’m going to be focusing my final project pieces (and one of my Remix assignments!) on this book and the vast, sumptuous world McKillip created within its pages.

    McKillip’s masterwork (in …

  5. aetherbunny




    Just replace “Kuzco” with “Haley” and that’s basically how I feel right now. Except, you know, with less throwing old guys out of windows.

    Video week was almost as frustrating as it was educational, which means it was REALLY STINKING EDUCATIONAL. I …

  6. aetherbunny

    New assignment! Narrative Ambiance


    Funnily enough, this whole thing came about because I was attempting to do the Make it Constanza Decent assignment in which you film a day in your life, and my footage ended up being kind of crappy. I was happy with some of it, though, and wanted to use it …

  7. aetherbunny

    5 Second Dramarama


    5 Second Films is one of  my favorite websites ever. I discovered their work earlier this semester and thought their style of storytelling was perfect for ds106—I was actually considering creating an assignment based on their films before I realized someone else had already beaten me to it! Though I’d …

  8. aetherbunny

    Front and center (and sides!)


    Roger Ebert’s article about how the left, right and center of the screen are often used to indicate a character’s moral standpoint ends up being used to create a visual representation of moral ambiguity in Troy Duffy’s “The Boondock Saints.” It was difficult to find all that  many clips on …

  9. aetherbunny

    Two posts about The Boondock Saints is better than one!


    Okay, so I’ve got my writeup about that clip down. Now for a slightly shorter post about the film’s making-of and a justification for calling it an action/crime flick.

    Since we’re starting off with a few interesting facts about the making of the film, I figure it’d be a perfect …

  10. aetherbunny

    Rule Number 2


    I have finally, fully embraced the First Rule of ds106: break the rules of ds106.

    It’s that pesky second rule, what I like to call the Miss Frizzle Mantra, that caught up with me this past week. Ugh.

    Miss Frizzle and ds106 have a lot in common: they both encourage, …

  11. aetherbunny

    This week on blurry photos and talking to yourself…


    … some Daily Creates!

    The “Take a picture of soup!” prompt was incredibly timely, as I’ve just finished this winter’s first delicious beef stew. It’s only the second batch I’ve ever made, but every attempt gets me closer to beefy, stewy perfection. This stuff is infinitely better than the stew …

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