1. afanghel

    Week 1 Summary: Bootcamp Complete!


    PHEW! Between the going-on-7 posts, 3 Daily Creates, 1 Assignment, approximately 45 tweets & retweets (#DS106 #4life), and fifty Facebook messages via which I helped out a fellow DS106er (whilst being ever so rudely interrupted by a dang fire drill ), my fingers have never gotten such a workout! But …

  2. afanghel

    Noir is the New (Old) Black.


    My final mission in order to complete DS106 Bootcamp was to learn about noir, which is more commonly known as “film noir”.

    “Noir” is the French word for “black” and is very fitting to describe this style of story telling found within many movies of the 40s and 50s. Note …

  3. afanghel

    Introducing Ames to the DS106 World :)


    Hi everyone! My name is Amy. I am a sophomore here at UMW and just like you am registered in Digital Storytelling for the Spring Semester (with Professor Groom)!

    I have always enamored by the power of good storytelling  and have  been interested in someday telling my own basically since …

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