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    So for this section I had to create some gifs so here are the sections and the gifs that I have created for this blog:

    I first edited a clip down in premiere pro to 1-3 seconds then saved the video to edit it into a gif which you can …

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    Looking Back To The Past (WRITING)


    So for this section I have decided to look back at older projects that I have done and then do a little write up on them to explain them and why I created them and also a little bit about each one. I will start off with older videos and …

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    Storytelling Through Pictures (DESIGN)


    With this assignment I collected a few of my photos through the years and put them on here for showcase, a lot of them are like mountain climbing ones as I love climbing high on mountains and take in the view as it’s breathtaking climbing up mountains and then seeing …

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    Who Inspires You (WRITING)


    So I decided to choose this section for this part of the assignment now I am going to go into detail with this as I have a few people that inspire me for certain reasons.

    To start off with the first person that inspires me is the musician known as …

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    Superheroes & Villians (DESIGN)


    In this section we where told to make our own superheroes and make a background to them including there powers and a story to there character.

    1.AquasStorm (Klark Cassidy)

    First up is AquaStorm turned into a mutated human being due to lab experiments in a parallel universe in the year …

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    Photography (Places of Peace) VISUAL


    So for this assignment section we where told to take pictures of things we find peaceful I decided to capture an image at the top of the Vijay Patel building, with a person in the Image taking photos, to show my peace is in front or behind a camera and …

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    Blade Runner 2049 Review



    Right I know it came out 2 weeks ago and I watched it when it came out then but here’s a quick review on what I thought about the film.

    To start off with lets talk about the visual effects of the film, now personally I think the overall …

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