1. Christie McKitrick

    ds106 Reflections.


    I just want to start this off by saying I am so glad I took this class. Everyone warned me that it would be hard and a LOT of work, but that the fun was worth it. This statement couldn’t be more true, and it’s exactly what I would say …

  2. Christie McKitrick

    The Secret Life of Felix


    I know you all have been eagerly awaiting the release of my horse-related final project. So here it is, The Secret Life of Felix, the short film about Felix’s life as an event horse. Included in the film is an exclusive interview with the star himself!

    I took all of …

  3. Christie McKitrick

    Further thoughts on final project…


    Still a little bit uncertain as to what exactly I’m going to do for my final project. I’ve taken a bunch of video of my horse around the farm, and wrangled my sister into videotaping me riding him, so I have plenty of footage…the question is what I’m going to …

  4. Christie McKitrick

    How to use a microwave


    So again, in doing this project I think I benefited from hearing my classmates discuss their projects last week. This time I attempted the Vintage Educational Video project, and I chose to make the topic…using a microwave. This time around, though, I desaturated the footage first (turned it into black …

  5. Christie McKitrick

    Serenity in Big Springs


    My neighborhood at home is really beautiful. It is situated on an old dairy farm that used be called Big Springs Farm, named for the spring that flows right through the neighborhood. The old dairy barn is even still there (you will see it in the video!). The neighborhood was …

  6. Christie McKitrick

    Week of March 26 Daily Creates


    The first one I did was to take a photo of your “ride.” I really wanted to do this because the first thing I thought of when I read the assignment wasn’t my car…but Felix! He’s my usual “ride” But I wanted to feature my faithful truck in this daily …

  7. Christie McKitrick

    Fellowship of the Ring: Video Essay


    I’ve been working on this all week, and have just put together the audio today. Ta-da! My short analysis of the Fellowship of the Ring. I mostly talked about acting and music; while those seem like really basic aspects of a movie, in my opinion, if a movie doesn’t have …

  8. Christie McKitrick

    Daily Creates: Week of March 19


    I actually wanted to do a bunch of the Daily Creates early this week, especially the one on luck, but although I thought about what I was going to say all day…I ran out of time to do them. So to make up for it I knew I wanted to …

  9. Christie McKitrick

    10 Seconds of Beauty


    For my first video assignment, I wanted to start with a relatively easy one. This is my first time attempting any video editing, so I really wasn’t sure what to do. I muddled through iMovie, and with my professor’s help I was able to complete the 1 Second Video project. …

  10. Christie McKitrick

    Contemplations on Final Project


    I love horses. (In case you hadn’t guessed by now.) So for any project that can be of my choosing, the subject will probably be horses! Professor Levine gave me some good ideas a few weeks ago; one that struck my interest was telling a story from a horse’s point …

  11. Christie McKitrick

    Daily Creates for week of March 11


    1. Why ds106 is awesome: This Daily Create was uploaded a day late, as I spent all day Wednesday driving back from Canada and did not have access to a computer or the internet. Nevertheless, here is my take on the awesomeness that is ds106 and why I think it’s …

  12. Christie McKitrick

    Preproduction: Silent Bourne?


    For the Return to the Silent Era project, I would choose to do The Bourne Identity. There are some really cool hand fighting scenes in that movie, and the character is pretty quiet so I wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of dialogue. Most of the movie focuses on …

  13. Christie McKitrick

    Audio Tutorial: The Contest Nobody Could Win


    This project is fun and simple, and it is somewhat satisfying to create a mashup split-second clips that nobody can guess! I am going to do my tutorial for the program Audacity.

    First you want to import your songs into Audacity. This may actually be the hardest part because Audacity …

  14. Christie McKitrick

    Audio Project: You’re Not the Only One


    I have had an unbelievably busy week, so here is my slightly belated commentary on the production of our radio show.

    The hardest part of the show by far was figuring out what we wanted to talk about. The door was wide open on topics, but that almost made our …

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