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  1. @FaulconerKyle

    Car Lust [remixed]: Where’s Waldo? It.

    For this remix I ended up using one of my previous assignments as the selected portion of the remix. The previous blog post detailing what the original assignment was can be found here. The original assignment had me describing my created characters car, which is a 1971 Chevelle SS. So after I decided that I …

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  2. @FaulconerKyle

    Go, Vote! [remixed]: ‘Stache It!

    For this remixed assignment I had to combine an image that represented voting, basically encouraging people to go out and vote, with the “Stache It” assignment. So make things clear I had to make an image encouraging people to vote while adding a mustache somewhere. For this assignment I ended up incorporating my created character …

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  3. @FaulconerKyle

    Fast and Furious Meets Back to the Future

    For this assignment I had to once again combine films together, however while I previously combined scenes together in my previous post this time I will be focusing on combining characters from different movies. This assignment was a little tricky because I wanted to place characters together that you as the viewer could say, “yeah …

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  4. @FaulconerKyle

    Jaws Caused the Titanic to Sink???

    For this assignment I had to mix together two key scenes from two movies, basically combining them together to make an out of place scene occur but at the same time making it seem subtle. For this I ended combining everyone favorite tragic love story, the Titanic, with everyone’s favorite shark movie, Jaws. Every time …

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