1. gyeorelee

    Last Weekly Summary


    It will be last weekly summary for Noir106. It was really wonderful to have this class. Even though there were lots of assignments to do but they were really fun to do and workable assignments. For last two weeks, I had worked on new case, which was Finding Noircat. I …

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    Tutorial: Audacity


    1. After you downloaded Audacity, open up this application and you will see this empty space.

    2. To record your voice or any sound you want click the red circle at the top.

    3. When you click it, it will automatically start recording.

    4. If you record several time you …

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    When I got close to his house, I heard noircat sound! So I rang a bell and a stranger came out. And behind him, I saw noircat who I was looking for! GREEN EYES! So I asked stranger that where did he get a noircat and he said that when …

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    About Noircat.


    Noircat… After I found some evidence of where did he go, I tried to figure out why did he follow a stranger man and where are they now. As I was struggling with these questions, I got an e-mail about Maggie’s Noircat.

    It explains his characteristics briefly. hopefully it helps …

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    Tutorial: Photoshop


    For tutorial, I want to talk about the Adobe Photoshop that I always used to complete the assignment.

    1. Put two picture together as layer.


    2. To erase the white background, choose magic eraser tool.

    3. After you click the magic eraser tool, click the white surface to erase …

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    Second Assignment Idea



    My second idea for assignment back is making moving object with using Vine application. I had fun with using vine so I want to make an assignment with it.


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    First Assignment Idea


    For the assignment idea, I came up with creating a hybrid animal. It does not have to be only animals, it can be combination of animals or plants, or both.


    After finish it, upload it to Flicker.


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    Daily Create Idea 2


    Every car in our world has its own design. Based on this fact my second daily create idea that I came up with is making a face expression with using car photo. You can draw or combine face emoticons on car photo. The car photo can be taken or from …

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    Daily Create Idea 1


    First idea that I came up with was from the snapchat application. So, it can be screenshot from your snapchat or you can photoshop to add text on your photo.


    After you captured or photoshopped picture, upload it to flicker.…

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    Where are you going Noircat?


    I tried to find the CCTVs around the UMW. I found that there is downtown around the school, so I went there and looked at all the CCTVs and I found a very important scene so I captured it.


    Can you see that Noircat is walking with the dog …

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    New Case: Where is Noircat?


    After I came back from Los Angeles, I got a case about Noircat. Where did he go? What happened to him? Got lots to figure out.

    The first evidence that I got was a video that Groom is asking his dog to tell hime about what his dog did to …

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    Week 13: Weekly Summary


    End of 13 week! It was really fun to gathering all the evidences to solve a mysterious case, which was From Russia with Love for me. Since I was working by myself, there were lots of things to complete this two weeks assignment. The primary media that I used was …

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    Fourth Status of the Case.


    I looked through Misha’s diary, I found a note that was inserted in the diary.

    What is this? Why is it in Russian? I converted to English and it was “The beacon does not shine on its own base.” I searched for this sentence, and it was Korean proverb. Why …

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    Misha’s Diary.


    Got Misha’s Diary!


    Through this dairy, I finally figured out the reason for attack. It was Groom broke up with Misha. Hopefully, I can find Groom as soon as possible.

    One good news is that I reached Bond. Luckily he did not get hurt or anything. I asked for …

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    Letters from Man.


    After I went to mysterious man’s house. I got a letter from him. I thought it was not a serious problem so I just ignored it. But when I went to his house for second time to find more evidences, I got a letter again.

    This is a first letter.…

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    Third Status of the Case.


    It’s been three days when I updated the second status of the case, From Russia with Love. Those three days, I was focusing on the relationship between Misha and the mysterious man. Also, I found Misha’s house so I went there. When I was there with my personal assistance, Abigail …

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    Week 12: Weekly Summary


    Finding evidences week had started. It would be difficult but be fun experience. When I had to open the website for the agency, I had little bit hard time to figure out creating subdomain so I went to ITCC and got some help about it. After that, I created JBrown’s

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    Second Status of the Case.


    Wow. Time flies like an arrow. It was really difficult case, so I did not find much of the evidence. I was just sit in my office and tried to find more evidences and figure out the questions that I had for this case. But I got non of the …

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    First Case.



    First case: From Russia with Love


    Three big questions about case: Who is the man attacked Groom in Los Angeles? What is connection between two (Groom and the man)? Why is he asking about Bond?


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    Week 11: Weekly Summary


    This week was pretty awesome! I enjoyed creating new blog for the agency and the assignments were pretty fun to do.

    When I was creating new website for the agency, I was little bit confused about the creating subdomain. Therefore, I went to ITCC to get help with it. I …

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    For one of the assignments of this week, I chose to do Character Resume(3 points) for John Brown. This assignment is to create a resume by using either Microsoft Word, creating your own webpage, or using a website like LinkedIn.

    I chose to use Microsoft Word to write John

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    Week 11: Daily Creates


    April 1, 2015

    The daily create of this day was to create a birthday card for Maggie Black!

    Happy Birthday Maggie!!

    April 3, 2015

    Get Noddy out of the skip by using some photoshop.

    I put him on to the bed. It was definitely most scary and socking experience in …

  23. gyeorelee

    Design to Shock


    I made new logo for JBrown’s Law Agency. I was inspired by the assignment called Design to Shock (4 points). To create this logo, I used 3 pictures combined by using Adobe Photoshop and put some text on to it.

    Since John is lawyer, he loves the quote that would …

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    Week 10: Weekly Summary


    Finally, video week is over. This week was much easier and doable than last week but still, making and editing video are hard. But as I worked with iMovie, I became expert with it. If I did not take this class, I would never open iMovie and never used it.…

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    Organizing the Final Unit


    For the final unit and creating of an agency, I decided to work by myself. Since semester is almost over, everyone would be really busy so would not have time to meet and work together. Also, for me working in a group is hard. I’m kind of worry about what …

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    John Brown: Interview


    Last video assignment for this week! After I completed with the video assignments from Assignment Bank, I had to create an interview show of my character. Among four interview questions video, I chose Maggi’s video and then answered it.

    To complete this assignment, I downloaded the interview questions video from …

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