1. gyeorelee

    5 Seconds of Fame


    Do you know how much John Brown hates to read any books? For this assignment, I decided to show his hate of reading.

    The assignment called 5 Seconds of Fame (2 points) was to create 5 seconds video. Since it only has to be 5 seconds, I used Vine to …

  2. gyeorelee

    Inanimate Motion


    The assignment called Inanimate Motion (3 points) was to make an inanimate object to move by using power of video. I really wanted to do this assignment so I was keep thinking how I am going to relate to this to John Brown. I realized that it would be great …

  3. gyeorelee

    This is John’s Story


    As I worked through the video assignments, I realized that most of the related story of John Brown is that he loves sweet food and he has sweet teeth. So for this assignment, I chose to focus on his past. The days after when his mom and Mark (his step-father) …

  4. gyeorelee

    Week 10: Daily Creates


    This week, I had to complete three daily creates.

    03/24/15: A 15 second create Batman

    To be honest, I never watched Batman. So I researched a photo of him and drew of him. It took longer than 15 seconds, but less than 2 minutes! It was really fun assignment, also, …

  5. gyeorelee

    Play It Backward


    Did you know that a combination of chocolate and almonds work well? John Brown knew that so he eats these two food together everyday. However, sometimes he gets upset when he see chocolate and almonds are getting smaller and smaller and he thought that he wants to rewind time to …

  6. gyeorelee

    Weekly Summary 9.


    Finally, week 9 had ended. This week was end of the radio but beginning of the video. I had really fun to listen to the radio show. I participated on live twitter for one of the radio shows called ‘ Inside Talking.’ The reason I participated was the rememberable logo …

  7. gyeorelee

    Notorious: Video Essay


    This is hardest and complicated essay ever!! I did not enjoyed or had fun with it. I was so stressed out while I was creating a video essay. After I read “How to read a Movie,” I watched three video, which were, ‘Tarantino’, ‘Examples of Editing Techniques,’ and ‘Camera Angles …

  8. gyeorelee

    Radio Show Final Reflection


    It was one of great but difficult projects for this week. Out “Vixen’s Ventures” radio show was on the air on Tuesday. I was kind of embarrassed to hear my voice but it was fun and rememberable experience. While I hear the radio show, one thing I really did not …

  9. gyeorelee

    Daily Creates Week Nine


    March 16, 2015:

    A Dream Staircase:

    Among the two daily creates that I have to completed for this week, I chose this assignment. It was to create a dream staircase forward my dream. It was easy but I had really thoughtful time to think about specific plan for future.

    March …

  10. gyeorelee

    Name That Book


    This assignment (Name Than Book: 3 points) is to find objects, landmarks, or think of some other creative way to verbally or physically represent a book with using app Vine. I related this assignment with John Brown. This is his favorite book.

    Instead of finding objects, I used …

  11. gyeorelee

    Vine It!


    I related this assignment to my noir character. To complete this assignment, I had to download Vine application on my smart phone. The assignment was called ‘Vine It‘ (3 points), which was to recode daily life. I was going to uploaded with Vine, but I wanted to put …

  12. gyeorelee

    What’s your Skills?


    This week is beginning of video assignments. I was really worried about it. I never used or had done any video works for school works nor personally. There were two options that I can choose. First choice was doing assignments from Assignment Bank for 8 points and at least 4 …

  13. gyeorelee

    DS106 Radio Show Reflection II


    On Tuesday, I listed to the ds106 radio show called ‘Get a Clue.’ The radio show poster I saw weeks ago was so affective so I still remember and really wanted to listen to the show. The format of the show was really unique and professional. It was a flashback …

  14. gyeorelee

    Inspired Me IV


    When I hear the first ds106 radio show on Monday, the commercials were so great. One of the commercial I was shocked when I hear was an airline commercial. It was so great and real, the actual airline company could use it. I was looking through classmates’ posts, I found …

  15. gyeorelee

    Inspired Me III


    Sound, sound is really important in our life. Sometimes it can change our emotion and bring fear into us. The Spooky Hotel by Shannon Grubbs brought me fear in this morning. This was only a minute music, which combined with the sounds that makes me horripilate. She got all of …

  16. gyeorelee

    Inspired Me II


    Sahar Alkhelaifi has very clear and beautiful photo safari, which is the assignment that we had to create a ‘Designblitz.’ She chose to take pictures that involved with ‘unity, balance, color, and rhythm.’ When I see her post first time, the picture of the matryoshka caught my eyes. …

  17. gyeorelee

    Change of Scenery


    This assignment (3 and 1/2 points) was to put character into other setting. For this assignment, I decided to relate this to classmate’s character, Delia Lasalle. As I read the description of her, I found out that most of the important characteristics are she is a femme fatale, and …

  18. gyeorelee

    Daily Creates, Week Eight


    My Different Sides (3/10/15)

    I chose these four photos to upload to the daily create on March 10. The background of the photos are in Chicago (1, 3, 4) and Florida (2). As you noticed that the wether of those cities are kind of opposite. And the ways I took …

  19. gyeorelee

    Week Seven Summary


    Week seven is done! I really enjoyed this week with creating radio show! I can’t wait to hear what other people’s think about our radio show and what they have done! It took several hours to edit the radio and put the bumper, commercial, and others, but it was great …

  20. gyeorelee

    Radio Show Progress #2


    After we had meet on Saturday, we decided to meet on this Thursday to record our voice. But campus was closed for snow day! I was so happy for cancellation of classes, but I worried for the recording because we was going to meet in ITCC. But luckily, ITCC was …

  21. gyeorelee

    Teal Blue and Orange


    Blue and orange are (still everywhere) – it’s the color combination that spells “action movie”.
    Make (or modify) and image to make it suitable for an action film poster using primarily teal blue and orange hues.

    When I saw this assignment, I looked for an action movie poster. Then, I …

  22. gyeorelee

    Sixth Week Summary


    Already week six?! The week that I most afraid of had come. I’m not good at making audio sounds and not enjoy recording my voice, but creating a radio show? I already stressed out. The assignments that we have to complete were seem little compare to past weeks. But radio …

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