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  1. @jupiter_pop


    ♪ Campus walk is lined with studentsStudents who want to move, move, moveHow could all these students have so much to prove, prove, proveOh I can only ask myselfOh where are you all goingAnd won’t you take me with you toWhere all the majors are declaringUptight downtown ♪ La ‘Melody’ Roux This is it! The […]
  2. @jupiter_pop

    DAILY CREATE: Week 14

    It’s the official last week of Daily Creates! Well, it’s been fun, but the semester has finally come to an end. I set out thinking I’d do 6 daily’s each week as a personal artists’ goal, and I succeeded! This week’s daily’s were all fun, so it’s difficult to say which one was my favorite. […]
  3. @jupiter_pop


    ♪ With so many school years to goAnd things to be found (to be found)I’m sure that we’ll all miss Ds106 soIt’s the final countdownThe final countdownThe final countdownThe final countdown ♪ ‘Melody’ Europe It’s the final countdown at Ds106, with only the final project left to go! It felt weird not having to post […]
  4. @jupiter_pop

    DAILY CREATE: Week 13

    No Daily Creates this week?! Psh. How about 6, as per usual, haha. It would feel weird to quit now, especially since the end of the semester is so near. It ain’t over ’til it’s over! This week, we posted a book title from emojis, we created some shadow art, we described a favorite place […]
  5. @jupiter_pop


    ♪ People just love to play with words/images/audio/videoPeople just love to play, haven’t you heard?People just love to play with words/images/audio/videoPeople just love to play, haven’t you heard? ♪ Melody(Men) at Work This week was perhaps the best week of Ds106, because we got to make mashups, remixes, and tutorials! (I’m a fan of mashups- […]
  6. @jupiter_pop

    DAILY CREATE: Week 12

    This week, we made blackout poems and posted our favorite quote, we described our dream job and showed off a meaningful object, we used three words to describe a favorite song and we added to an image of a roadblock! In terms of posting, my favorite two daily’s were the meaningful object and the dream […]
  7. @jupiter_pop

    THE JOY OF BLOGGING: A Contradictory Quote in Pink

    Talent is a pursued interest.In other words,anything that you’re willing to practice,you can do. Bob Ross For my first remix, I chose to remix a Bob Ross Quote I made for a daily create. It was serendipitous that this daily just so happened to coincide with the assignment, Minimalize Your Philosophy. Details for the original […]
  8. @jupiter_pop

    SWITCHING UP LOGOS (and channels)

    ♪ Four, three, two, oneEarth below usDrifting, fallingFloating, weightlessSwitching up, switching up home ♪ Peter “Melody” Schilling I switched things up a bit for my last mashup and did Logo Switch Up! Details for this assignment are as follows: “Use one brand’s advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the […]
  9. @jupiter_pop

    I GUESS THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT (the contest nobody could win)

    ♪ And I guess that’s why they call it the contest nobody could winTime on my hands could be time spent with youLaughing like children, living like loversRolling like thunder under the coversAnd I guess that’s why they call it the contest nobody could win ♪ Elton “Melody” John It’s time to play, ‘Guess That […]
  10. @jupiter_pop


    Hey you guyyyyyyyyys! Melody Sloth This week, we continued on with our video mission and created another round of videos! We thought about the storytelling aspects of our video-making, and how we could incorporate radical editing into our work. Final Project Ideas: Part 2 We came up with another round of ideas for our video […]
  11. @jupiter_pop

    DAILY CREATE: Week 11

    This week, we created a Pixar story and made pop art, we tessellated an object and summed up our Twitter account in one Gif, we thought of a misleading sign and posted an image of a beautiful gas station! My favorite daily’s this time were probably the object tessellation and the pop art. The tessellation […]
  12. @jupiter_pop

    DAILY CREATE: Week 10

    Ds106 caught on in a flash (it was a graveyard smash)! This week, we got into the spirit of Halloween with monster-themed daily’s! We talked about what monster we are most like and we created a monster of our own, we talked about haunted houses and showed off our Halloween costumes, we talked about famous […]
  13. @jupiter_pop


    ♪ That’s all they really wantSome funWhen the working day is doneOh ds106-ers, they wanna have funOh ds106-ers just wanna have fun ( ds106-ers , they wanna, wanna have fun, ds106-ers wanna have) ♪ Cyndi ‘Melody’ Lauper This week, we tuned in to Ds106 Radio radio shows, we came up with project ideas, we revised […]
  14. @jupiter_pop


    Ds106 Radio Presents: Monday: Back to the 80s, Riding the Radio WavesTuesday: Tubular Tunes, 80s Television Power Half HourWednesday: 80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About The radio show that I would like to revisit was the first radio show of the week: ‘Back to the 80’s’ with The Ds106 Ladies. The show started off strong with a look […]
  15. @jupiter_pop


    ♪ WorkDesign to the leftWorkNow design to the rightWorkSashay, shantay ♪ RuPaulody Crowded hallways really grind my gears! For my first rework, I chose to take another look at my pet peeve billboard from my post, ‘PSA: We are all Animals,’ from assignment, PSA Billboard. I wanted to revisit this work not because I rushed […]

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