1. Liz Snapp

    And It’s Almost Over


    At the beginning of the semester I went into the class assuming that it would end up like most of the other courses I’ve taken that had class blogs.  And those classes all shared things with ds106 — the openness, sharing, and commenting, the way putting something on the internet …

  2. Liz Snapp

    Final Project Official Reflection


    My final project is a story called Lucidity.  You can read it here.  It’s a little rough, a little incomplete, and I hope it makes some small amount of sense.   The story is set in a dystopian far future and the narrative occurs both in the reality of that …

  3. Liz Snapp

    Final Project — Notes on the Process


    I haven’t blogged hardly anything at all about this final project… The story I’m working on is called Lucidity.  More on the actual story when it comes time to do the official final project reflection — it is set in a dystopian future and it’s a little crazy.  For now, …

  4. Liz Snapp

    Final Project Class Brainstorm


    In class I talked with Hannah about final project possibilities. She is working on a video project documenting parts of her work as a barista. She’s thinking about about showcasing various aspects of the job through a series of vintage style educational videos. She mentioned showing the process for how …

  5. Liz Snapp

    One Second of Light


    The assignment is to make a One Second Video and the challenge is “How much of a story can you tell in one second?”

    This is probably the simplest assignment to do technically.  I imported the video into iMovie, trimmed it down to a second, and gave the audio a …

  6. Liz Snapp

    Reversing the Rain


    The assignment — Play It Backward, Jack — is to take a video and reverse it. After the long and painstaking process of doing kinetic typography, I wanted a simple assignment, so I gave this one a shot. I had a short video of rain I shot a while ago …

  7. Liz Snapp

    Daily Creates (Week 10)


    Or week ten spilling over into week eleven, really..

    TDC 79: Photograph a local geological feature.
    This is in Fredericksburg, tucked away in a stretch of woods behind a swimming pool. Doesn’t look it from this angle, but it is deep enough to jump from.

    TDC83: Sketch a place you’d …

  8. Liz Snapp

    Daily Creates (Week 9)


    TDC 77: Create a self-portrait, without your face, that identifies you.
    So I’ve had this glaringly orange bookbag for nearly 15 years, which I’m pretty sure is longer than I’ve owned anything else. It has shown up in random photos quite a few times over those years, and sometimes in …

  9. Liz Snapp

    Silent Era Blade Runner


    For this assignment, I’d previously decided to attempt turning the trailer for Blade Runner into something that looks like it came from the silent era.

    The process was, in a word, frustrating.  I went through several different versions of this.  The first was me trying to figure out the …

  10. Liz Snapp

    Reading Movies — No Country For Old Men


    The very basic plot of No Country For Old Men is that of a drug deal gone very wrong — Llewelyn Moss finds and takes the money and is chased down by a hitman, Anton Chigurh, who means to take that money. Many killings and some ineffective law enforcement ensue.…

  11. Liz Snapp

    Daily Creates (Week 8)



    TDC 64: Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary.

    TDC 65: Show your workspace where you do your creative stuff and tell us about it.

    TDC66: Tell the world in a five minute or less video why ds106 is the best thing since… (cat breading?)

    All three, …

  12. Liz Snapp

    You’re Not the Only One Radio Show Review


    I thought this group did a great job choosing a topic which would be fitting for a call in show. All the extras — radio show poster, bumpers and such — fit the concept well, and I especially liked that they used their bumper as a way to further explain …

  13. Liz Snapp

    Past Daily Creates


    TDC 45: Say your name backwards.  Zil (p)pans makes me think of some futuristic kitchen supply brand.

    TDC 47: Take a photo featuring your favorite color.

    TDC 52: Take a photo of a leap or a leaping photo.  Or a photo while leaping.

    TDC 54: Record an ordinary sound.

    TDC …

  14. Liz Snapp

    Some Radio Reflections


    We have a commercial, a bumper, and a preview, and I am relieved.  It is great to have some sounds made — any at all — after how stuck we were in our brainstorming session on Monday.  Tim and I had discussed some very vague ideas in the previous week …

  15. Liz Snapp

    All I Want is My Radio (Bumper)


    Assignment: Create a radio bumper for DS106 Radio.

    So this is pretty far off from my original idea for a radio bumper (which ended up needing a really good Jim Morrison impression, which I couldn’t pull off in a million years). Kept going with this one for Audacity practice. …

  16. Liz Snapp

    60s/70s Six Second Sound Challenge


    The assignment: make a six second sound clip, using clips of no more than one second from six different songs.

    The six tracks were pretty easy to add to Audacity with the import button. For each song, I zoomed in to isolate the clip I wanted, copied it, and …

  17. Liz Snapp

    Daily Creates (Week #5)


    36: Take a photo of food being eaten or served in an unconventional way.  Piet Mondrian in fruit and chocolate.  Most delicious daily create yet.

    37: Take a photo of a toy in action.  Logic toys.

    38: Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel. I …

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