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  1. @MasonOberle

    Romance Novel

    One assignment from the DS106 assignment bank that caught my eye was the Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge. For this assignment, we had to take a postcard from a bank on Flickr and add a caption to “[raise] the love spirit to a new level.” Unfortunately, when I followed the link to find a card to […]
  2. @MasonOberle

    7 Photos in a minute

    So, My Photoblitz started in my dorm, but eventually took me to places all across the lower side of campus. The first task was to take a picture with my camera at floor level, so I decided to snap a pic of the hallway outside my dorm room. Next, I had to photograph something loud. […]
  3. @MasonOberle

    Photo Analysis

    This week in DS106, we are required to analyse a few of the photos we have for certain aspects of photography that impact what the image communicates. The first photo I would like to analyse is one that I took at my high school’s library. Though this is not one of my favorite photos that […]
  4. @MasonOberle

    My Experience With Photography

    Photography is something that I have some formal experience with, but often only use in a very casual way. During my Junior and Senior years at high school, I took photojournalism, so I am familiar with the rule of thirds and how to properly frame a subject. I even had an actual digital camera that […]
  5. @MasonOberle

    Week 3

    Another exciting week in DS106. This week focused primarily on writing, and began with a few readings and videos on how to create a story using digital mediums. We then had to use what we learned from those texts in order to analyse a story that interested us. Since I am acting in my university’s […]
  6. @MasonOberle

    Daily Creates, Week 3

    This week saw me completing three assignments for the Daily Create. The first assignment was to create an image that showed the beginning and end of something. I thought a picture of the recycling box in my dorm would be appropriate. I probably would not have even considered using a recycling can for this project […]
  7. @MasonOberle

    ABC Story

    As Bob could discern, everyone found goodness hidden inside. Jolly kindness let men notice, observe, paint. Quite readily soldiers transfer unfriendly veneer, welcoming xenia, your zeda. This is not so much a story so much as a free verse poem. I thought this assignment would be a grand old time because, my high school improv […]
  8. @MasonOberle

    Curious Incident Analysis

    As a part of this week’s assignments for DS106, we had to read a few essays and watch some videos on storytelling, particularly through digital mediums. The main thing I took away from these readings was that digital storytelling provides an entirely different set of tools than other mediums. In his essay, I link, therefore […]
  9. @MasonOberle

    Week 2

    This week in DS106 felt a lot less hectic than the first. For the first week, I had to set up accounts on new platforms, engage with accounts I hadn’t really used before, and familiarize myself with software that I had never used. Now that I have gotten the chance to work with these digital […]
  10. @MasonOberle

    5 Days of Creation

    This past week, students of DS106 were asked to complete at least 5 Daily Creates. A Daily Create is a shortform assignment posted on this blog in order to get people in the habit of doing something creative every day. The first task I completed was on August 29th. The assignment was to use a […]
  11. @MasonOberle

    Funny Money

    In this assignment, I digitally edited a one dollar bill to replace George Washington with universally beloved painter Bob Ross. Not only that, I edited a few of the bill’s other features just for fun. Below is the final product. This week in DS106, we were told to go through a categorized bank of assignments […]
  12. @MasonOberle

    Murder Mystery

    Two days ago I took part in a 24 hour play festival. Actors, writers, and directors had 24 hours to create an entire play from scratch. Writers only had three hours to create their scripts. This is what I wrote in that time. Please enjoy The Dick John...
  13. @MasonOberle

    Week 1

    I started the week by reviewing what tasks I needed to complete on the DS106 blog. In order to keep myself organized, I entered each of the individual assignments into my planner on Mystudylife. I made sure to make it so that each of the assignments were “due” on a different day so that I… Continue reading Week 1
  14. @MasonOberle

    DS106 Goals

    This semester, I am taking a course called Digital Studies. I enrolled in it because, out of all the classes I could take to fulfill my Digital Intensive requirement, this seemed the most interesting. I really enjoy writing and the thought of exploring how to tell stories through digital mediums felt like a natural way… Continue reading DS106 Goals

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