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  1. @Bendire Thrasher

    Folk(s with) Tails: What is Normal Anyway?

    All baby capybaras derive effervescent flight gifts. However, ill-meaning jackalopes kick sneakily low-riding minotaurs, never offer pardons, quite regretting silly trifles. Usually, vexations with xeruses yodel ‘zap’. For context, “Create a story that uses words that begin with the letters of the alphabet consecutively. For example, A big cat dug eight… But you have to go […]
  2. @MasonOberle

    ABC Story

    As Bob could discern, everyone found goodness hidden inside. Jolly kindness let men notice, observe, paint. Quite readily soldiers transfer unfriendly veneer, welcoming xenia, your zeda. This is not so much a story so much as a free verse poem. I thought this assignment would be a grand old time because, my high school improv […]
  3. @Marie-Lynn

    Birds of the Alphabet

    For this assignment I decided to do something a bit challenging and poetic. The assignment I chose was “A Story In Alphabet” from the DS106 Assignment Bank, which has you create a story using every letter of the alphabet in order. I wanted to take is a step further by creating a poem. I was inspired by artwork I have seen for the Persian poem “The Conference of the Birds.” I wanted to make a simple descriptive poem that included as many birds as possible with words describing them. However, choosing this assignment made that process even harder since I had to use the letters of the alphabet in order. The hard part was finding words that fit the birds I had chosen descriptively, however I think I managed just fine. To complete this assignment, I used Wikipedia’s List of Birds by Common Name page and the Scrabble Player’s Dictionary to find descriptive words by using their letter search. I wanted to use a variety of birds and even thought of switching the order of description and bird every couple lines, but decided not to so I wouldn’t break the flow of the poem. Please, give the finished project a read and tell me what you think in a comment down below! Albatrosses beckon, Cockatoos dance, Eagles fly, Guineas hide, Ibises jibe, Kookaburras loom, Magpies nag, Orioles preen, Quails roost, Sparrows twitter, Umbrellabirds vibe, Woodpeckers xeric, Yellowheads zigzag
  4. @ari_squared

    Next Time Won’t You Write With Me: Rework

    Assignment For week 9 of #ds106 I was tasked with re-working 2 past assignments. The first Assignment I chose to re-work is Next Time Won’t You Write With Me. I completed this writing assignment during Week 3 of this semester; the requirements and prompt can be found under the 3 star assignment A Story in […]

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