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    Bye Bye Tade, Bye Bye You ALL!


    For my final project, I created a multi dimensional movie. I used pictures, a voice audio, a video, and songs. I got all my music from mp3juices, and the explosion from freesounds. I really enjoyed making this. It didn’t go exactly how I planned it at first because …

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    Final Project Idea


    So, for my final project, I think I’m going to do a mix of video, audio, and pictures. I am going to make my character Solenya, the main character of the whole thing.

    The video is going to start off with Solenya making a potion, kind of freaking out and …

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    This weeks mashups were ok, I didn’t like the remixes, but everything else was easy. I did three 4 stared assignments making 12 stars all together. The first assignment I did was the superhuman assignment. I took a picture of the Monroe building and I photoshopped superman flying above …

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    Michael J Remix


    For this remix assignment, I had to remix a Zomboy back once again song to a throwback, and I chose Michael jacksons- Smooth Criminal. I used Logic to mix the audios, and I used mp3juices.cc. I went through a lot of songs that sounded really freaking bad with …

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    FU Remix


    For my first remix, it was of a parental advisory for a mash up of two different movie clips. I couldn’t download the clip I wanted, so I just made it an audio with a picture of a fuck-unicorn which was pretty fitting of what the audio has to …

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    For this assignment/tutorial, I did it on the mashup, I’m ready for my close up for 4 and a half stars.

    The first thing you have to do is to try and find a close up face, and after that you have to save it to the computer. Go onto …

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    For this assignment for 4  and a half stars, I created a picture off fo photoshop of a woman looking confused, and a chalkboard behind her stating that 1+1=2. I used the eraser tool on photoshop, so the original orange background is still surrounding it, but oh well.

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    I had a lot of fun with this one! It took me a while to figure out what video I wanted to use with the song. For the video, I used Get Some by Ghosted, and the song is Good Day by Yellow Claw. Both are great by themselves …

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    I know everybody would love to have a superpower.  And if I had one it would be flying! Cause I would love to be able to travel for free honestly. I hate the cold, and I know it would be very cold up in the high sky, but I’ll be …

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    This week was alright. Still super busy with all my other classes, so making time for all this work is hard. I created 12 stars worth of video assignments, and they weren’t really too hard. It took me the longest to figure out IMovie and to download my videos from …

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    30 Seconds with Solenya


    For this assignment, I created a 30 second documentary of Solenya in his day. I had my friend curtis play him after class ended. First he is looking over his minerals and potion materials, next he’s making sure that the potion he’s about to drink has all the right …

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    No Talking


    For this assignment, for 4 and 1/2 stars, I created a story with no dialogue. I thought of it when I was getting out of bed and I was like I really don’t wanna leave to go to class, so I thought, hell, this is going to be my …

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    Cooking Show!


    So for this assignment 3 1/2 stars, I thought to create a cooking show, and feature Solenya’s favorite dish…..mashed potatoes!!!! I thought of this because My boyfriend Eric and I were going to make dinner, and I thought “What would Solenya want to eat tonight?” and then BAM! Mashed potatoes! …

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    This Week


    Wow I finished before Friday at 11pm for the first time in I don’t even know! This week was alright once again. I really don’t like editing video clips, so that’s what I know about myself now. I stuttered in the audio over the Harry Potter video essay a bit, …

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    Apocalypse Questions


    For this assignment for 4 stars, I answered 5 apocalypse questions. I uploaded the video on youtube through my phone and it was that easy. The hardest part was writing down the questions from the video that I needed to answer.


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    Friends with crazy questions


    In this assignment for 5 stars, I texted my friends and told them to send me random questions for me to answer for this class, and below is the video of every single question they texted me back with. Some are very weird, while most are pretty normal.


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    How to Open a Door


    Ever wonder how you’re supposed to get from point A to point B through those rectangles in the wall that open? Well today I’m here to teach you how to open those so called door contraptions. This assignment is 3 stars.


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    I did my goggles on my canvas page and I changed all my class names to what they really are.

    I had some fun with this.…

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    Then and Now


    For this assignment for 2 stars completing my 10 stars, I’ll be talking about my then and now assignments I’ve been doing in this class. When I first started this class, I really didn’t know anything about movie remixing or audio remixing or editing. I’ve definitely grown since the first …

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    The Grudge


    For my assignment for 4 stars I created a reddit post about The Grudge’s child. This story idea honestly just came to me, I really didn’t think too hard. I started writing the beginning of the story with a different idea in mind, but this is how it turned out …

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    Dream room my dudes


    For this assignment, I created my dream room. This was a total of 4 and a half stars.

    In the first picture I like the black shag rug, and the last picture I like the layout of the room and the big window with all the natural lighting. Man, …

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    Superhero radio show


    So, I listened to my own group’s show and the show right after it that came on at about 9pm on Tuesday night. So far, its really good! I really wanted that superhero juice! I do really enjoy superheros so it was a good show to listen to for me. …

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    My week was just full of working


    So this week wasn’t too bad because we didn’t have to do any assignments! HOLLA!! The radio show was fun to make, the bumper and the commercial! I used logic for everything again, and for my radio segment I used freesounds.com and used a song called B-Beat018 which I …

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    So wow, definitely some work that’s put into this. I didn’t know how much little things were so important…commercials, bumpers, and so much to talk about! So my group is pretty much done with the radio show now. We all worked together and had it in before Thursday so it …

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    Poster! Poster! Read All About It!


    I created a poster for my radio show with a dragon lying on a book. This relates to the theme of myth and legend because we are story tellers, and i’m pretty sure full blown fire breathing dragons are either a myth or a legend cause I haven’t seen one …

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    McDonald’s Order


    For this assignment, I ordered very well cooked chicken nuggets at McDonalds. I tried my hand at an English accent, it’s definitely not good, but it’s funny!! I used my phone to create the audio, and then I just downloaded it onto soundcloud. This assignment was 2 stars.


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