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  1. @suzzcat


    This weeks mashups were ok, I didn’t like the remixes, but everything else was easy. I did three 4 stared assignments making 12 stars all together. The first assignment I did was the superhuman assignment. I took a picture of the Monroe building and I photoshopped superman flying above it. The second assignment I did …

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  2. @suzzcat


    This week was alright. Still super busy with all my other classes, so making time for all this work is hard. I created 12 stars worth of video assignments, and they weren’t really too hard. It took me the longest to figure out IMovie and to download my videos from my IPhone to google drive. …

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  3. @suzzcat

    This Week

    This week I did a few different assignments. The first I did was my dream room. The next one I did was my reddit story which just popped into my head. The last assignment I did was my then and now.  Then I did my tdc story, which was kinda dumb, but oh well. And …

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  4. @suzzcat

    Then and Now

    For this assignment for 2 stars completing my 10 stars, I’ll be talking about my then and now assignments I’ve been doing in this class. When I first started this class, I really didn’t know anything about movie remixing or audio remixing or editing. I’ve definitely grown since the first week. I had a digital …

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