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  1. @ungrac3ful

    Hey Siri, play Introducing Me from Camp Rock 2, by Nick Jonas

    ”Do-do-dododo-do”…for those of you who understand this ~iconic~ song and movie reference…thank you, you get me. For those of you who dont..thats awkward. Let me try again: Hi! I’m Grace ? I am super excited to create and share new content with my pals in Digital Storytelling this summer. Fun fact about me: this is the second time I am taking DS106 (oops!) and this time, I’m ready to do it right! This class is starting while I am on a family vacation at the beach (glass half full: hey, at least class starts while you are at the beach!! glass half empty: …ew sucks you are at the beach when class has to start) and I decided to take a little bit of advantage of this fact and add it into how I was saying hi to everyone. Take a look!
  2. @ungrac3ful

    Week 2 of DS106

    Oh man this week was BUSY busy busy. To fill our time this week we began daily creative challenges called “daily creates”. Everyday we get an assignment posted on twitter and have to respond to them with whatever creative strategy we want to employ. T...
  3. @ungrac3ful

    New Goals

    When I think about my future which is approaching with exponential speed, one of my biggest stressors is feeling as though I do not have enough experience for what I want to do. Though I am also a bit unsure of what precisely my career will be, I know...
  4. @ungrac3ful

    Affirmation 3

    One of the best things my therapist has ever told me is to picture a version yourself struggling with whatever difficulty you are currently facing, and then ask that inner you “what is it that you need/want” . My response to this exercise is often “a hug”. Give yourself a hug today ?
  5. @ungrac3ful

    Affirmation 2

    Finals week is upon students, and that is always a really stressful time! I just want to take a second to remind everyone to work hard, but to not overwork yourself! Take a second of the day to enjoy the world around you. Go outside, feel the sun ...
  6. @ungrac3ful

    Theater Response Papers 2019

    These papers are all from my intro to Theater class my sophomore year in college. In this class we read and analyzed a total of eight different plays, including discussions pertaining to various elements surrounding the history, technical elements, and performing aspects of theater. Students wrote responses for three of the plays we discussed and incorporated components of what we learned about in class.
  7. @ungrac3ful

    Sociology Papers 2019

    These two papers are based on research from my intro to Sociology class my sophomore year of college. I focused on how mental health development is impacted in adolescent life if a child experiences divorce between their caregivers. The first paper is a literature review and the second is connecting my findings to what we discussed in class throughout semester.

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