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  1. @Tillysisland

    Just Riding the Wave

    I’ve always considered myself to be quite creative, with the capacity to take on challenges in interesting and uncommon ways. I’ve never really struggled to create, but I have struggled to put a style to my work. Whether it’s a drawing, a song, a short story, a problem, etcetera, I’ve
  2. @PabloMccrimmon


    Certainly a big question. One I probably ask myself at least once every day, vacillating in tone between genuine curiosity and self-frustration. I find this question difficult to answer because it seems a bit unnecessary. Shouldn’t the kind of artist you are simply be evident from the kind of art you make? I can never […]
  3. @skyler0455

    Artistic Ambition

    I think it’s very true that we all engage in creative activities as artists. We can be involved in art intentionally or without even noticing it. Growing up, my mom and grandpa loved painting, so me and my sisters were always drawing and painting. Today, I can find art in my day-to-day life through the […]

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