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  1. @amick_hailey

    It is more than just music, in the University of Mary Washington’s music department.

    For my movie, I put in a lot of effort making my trailer, and ultimately it came to what this project means. I wanted to do something practical, not that it is a bad thing to do something fun, but this was fun and useful. I run the social media for the UMW Music Department and I wanted to make something that would benefit the people who donate to UMW Music Department, the professors that help us, and a look from the outside for the public. I wanted it to be something that incoming students look at to admire our music department, and inspire them. So first I reached out to students to get some clips of them talking about why they love the music department. Then, I took some videos of the inside of Pollar Hall to get a “look” at the music department. All of the music I added was original UMW jazz music from the jazz band that they recorded, Spring 2021. I took all the snippets and put them into Imovie. I then placed the audio into Logic pro to fix some EQ, and lower some volumes. This is the final result! ?
  2. Kelsey

    DS106 Midweek Post

    Hi, I’m Kelsey Proctor and this is my mid weekly summary! Here are the links to my social media and digital identity accounts: Twitter, Flickr, Soundcloud, and my YouTube. The only new accounts I created here was Soundcloud! I heavily used Flickr in the past but haven’t in years, and I’m excited to get back […]
  3. Kelsey

    Introductory Post for DGST 101

    Hi, I’m Kelsey Proctor and this is my introductory post for DGST 101. I originally started by forgoing the subdomain and the option for a template to be created for me (newbie mistake!). I deleted my initial WordPress installation and started over. This time, I took the directions step-by-step. I created a subdomain and installed […]
  4. @eafinto

    The World is Ending and Here’s How I’ve Prepared

    The apocalypse. Everyone’s heard of it. We’ve feared it’s arrival. And now… it’s here. When I was about fourteen-years-old, I was first introduced to what apocalyptic life might be like when I watched Shaun of the Dead (2004) with a few of my family friends. Of course this movie is a comedy, and almost parody, but […]

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