1. @dannpannn

    Week 13 and 14 Daily Creates


    7 of em



    Harrison the Horse



    word: foot
    the word foot is short

    but they are attached to legs

    which are pretty long



    feeling whitney- post malone



  2. @KatieHartraft

    It’s Just About The End of The End


    With the semester winding down, my group’s final project is only just starting! I can’t believe it’s the last week of classes, though I am ready for it. This class has been amazing and has taught me so much more than I thought it would at the beginning.

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  3. @CCally733

    Going through the Videos


    Week 1: here we have happy go lucky Martha, very enthusiastic about our class, and she is commenting on our work.

    Week 2: Again Martha is happy super thrilled and she loves us and wants all of us to learn and have fun!

    Week 3: No Change at all still …

  4. @una__vita

    The BIG FINALE is coming soon…


    This week is the big finale! I’ve been feeling it for some time now. The End is at the tip of our nose, but the question is…how will it happen?
    In order to prepare, I’ve been gathering all of the information necessary to tell the story of how the End …

  5. @CCally733

    What I have found so far


    So after combing through some of the evidence I have a theory on whats going on. I think the REAL MARTHA WAS KIDNAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After the man from the CDC came she acted very strange and lost her hat!!

    Now I think the REAL marth has her hat in captivity somewhere.…

  6. rachs_story

    Following Evidence: Part 2

    Following Lauren

    Lauren’s discovery of food remnants in the University Center (UC) dining hall is definitely something to cringe away from… the images that she has provided to back up her research portray raw beef and bloody napkins left on tables. First of all, gross. Second of all, this sounds …

  7. rachs_story

    Daily Creates (Week Fourteen)

    Let’s give @NetKidHorse a name. Name this horse!

    This horse has no name. This horse is not a horse. Give this horse a name. It needs a name!

    To give this horse a proper name, I really looked at him. You know how people all the time say, “She really …

  8. @Sam_ara106

    Final Words


    I already shared a few of the Daily Creates I completed, so look at this post if you’re interested! The other three (to finish up seven total) are down below. Overall, I found the Daily Creates easier than usual, and that made them all the more fun to complete! I …

  9. @laasarge

    The End of The End: Part 1


    With impending graduation and impending doom on the menu, it’s been a little stressful lately. Not on my best work schedule but we’re getting through! I’ll get you guys up to date on what I’ve been up to and what I plan to do in the coming week.

    First off, …

  10. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    …the Bad


    Last but not least here is the final video! This is the one where I got my lowlights aka the parts where I did so bad that I just had to put it in a video! This uses again the same type of aesthetic because ironically and unironically i love …

  11. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    The good…


    Heres another one of my blog posts about my video assignments! This one will be about the highlights that I compiled from my game play which is another video that has the 2000’s aesthetic. This one combines about 12 hours of footage into one video. Making this I realized that …

  12. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    Catching up!


    Hello everyone!
    I haven’t been keeping up with the work for the latest weeks so I decided to finally link up some of the videos I made for about two weeks ago,but just recently I completed! First I will share the first video I made, which was a part of …

  13. @eafinto

    But Do We Have A Story For You!


    The End of the End is upon us! Crazy right?

    For my final project, I have decided to work with my friend, Taylor Malone (one of the girls from my radio show), on a final story! I can’t wait to start the process of writing our story! We already have …

  14. @keyris22



    Everyday since I been in UMW, it has been normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I would out of bed, drive to school, go to class and then when my class was over I would drive back home, this has been my everyday life. But the past few days I …

  15. @schooltaylorr

    Let’s Get it Started


    The semester is so close to being over.

    Elizabeth and I decided to do our final project together, which is really exciting! She’s such a delight to work with and I have no doubts that we will make something pretty incredible.

    Without giving too much away, we have started compiling …

  16. rachs_story

    Daily Creates (Week Thirteen)

    Tweet your mood today in a GIF!

    What is your mood today? Find a GIF that relates to your mood for the day and tweet it!

    I completed this assignment by going directly to Twitter and searching through “stressed” GIF options within the text box provided to compose a tweet. …

  17. @Sam_ara106

    E.N.D. Update


    In an attempt to make next week’s weekly post shorter, I am going to share everything I have done so far! I have done four of the seven required Daily Creates, and you can see them all below!

    #tdc2290 Sums my mood up perfectly considering it's my younger sister's birthday …

  18. @keyris22

    12 Weekly


    Week 12 has been chill a week, at first I thought I would die when i saw the number of stars we needed to complete, but it has not been that bad. I did not do too much on week 12 because I have been busy, but i am in …

  19. @keyris22

    An Apocalypse Vacation


    For my final 12 week assignment, I chose to do the Destination Post Card. I used the website canva.com to create my post card. My postcard, is a picture of a city, I used a city as my destination because I wanted the postcard to resumable the city like setting …

  20. @keyris22



    I created a meme on https://imgflip.com, for my one of my week 12 assignment. I had to incorporate the book that I picked to read this semester, World War Z. The scene that I toke from the movie when the professor, now zombie comes face to face with Gerry Lane …

  21. rachs_story

    Following Evidence: Part 1

    Following Shannon

    Shannon’s discovery of beef on her front porch is definitely disturbing. On top of that, it’s so unusual. My mother has always said if something doesn’t feel right or if something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. So essentially, trust your gut!


    In regards to beef …

  22. @keyris22

    Back at it Again


    Week 11, Here we are back at it again with the videos, feeling like a youtuber. And once again the week has been hectic,but I had more time to get things done then last week. So one of the first things I did was go to the movie viewing on …

  23. @keyris22



    The 10th week was crazy, all that video making made me think I was a youtuber and that I should be getting paid because the process of creating a video toke a lot. I do not have much of a problem thinking of an idea because, the class pretty much …

  24. @Anne Armour

    I’m a Terrible Person



    I’m a terrible person because I totally forgot to finish the work for Week Twelve. I got the 12 stars worth of assignments done, but then completely forgot to do the rest. I’ll just quickly sum up my twelfth week in this class and then move on to the …

Todays TDC

#tdc2299 Color your favorite animal your favorite color!

What is your favorite animal? What is your favorite color? Take both and mix them together..an example is a turtle and the color blue. The results? A blue turtle!