1. @mikeyb1503

    Talking to 16-year old Fidget Spinner


    For this assignment, I had to talk to a 16 year old fidget spinner. The fidget spinner was created in 1993, so 16 year old fidget spinner would put it in 2009. So, here in the year 2017, the fidget spinner would be 24. In the video I did, I …

  2. salukizim

    Saiph – Welcome to America


    Saiph the Super Saluki’s Personal Story.


    This 3 Star assignment was lots of fun.

    The primary program I used was MovieMaker on my Sony Laptop. Using my photo and video gallery on OneDrive, where I had uploaded all of my photos and video from my iPhone, I spent a …

  3. salukizim

    SALUKIZIM Productions


    SALUKIZIM Productions needed a snazzy logo.






    For this 3 Star assignment I downloaded a saluki sketch from online, placed it into a PowerPoint, added Text and saved it as a JPG.…

  4. salukizim

    Saiph Missing at Dulles Airport


    Wouldn’t you know it, Lufthansa misplaced Saiph’s crate and he was missing for 1/2 an hour.






    For this 3 1/2 star assignment I spun my wheels for 1/2 an hour trying to find a free missing person template on line. After seeing what was available …

  5. salukizim

    Saiph’s 24 Hour Day


    Saiph’s 24 hour trip to America.


    I started this 3 1/2 Star assignment first at http://freesounds.org and searched for sounds that would tell my story without vocals. I downloaded the files and then imported them into Audacity. After a bit of editing I was able to create a sound …

  6. @mikeyb1503

    My Favorite Thing to do: Spin


    For this assignment, I had to show off my favorite thing to do. As a fidget spinner, my favorite pastime is in fact spinning. In this video, I just demonstrate myself spinning in one place, but I often love to travel to different locations and spin there. This is a …

  7. @mikeyb1503

    10-Step Photo Challenge


    Fidget Spinner and I went for a walk, we took our 10-steps outside of the house towards the corner of the block. I took photos of the fidget spinner in all different directions, facing all different places. I then took the photos and placed them in my photo collage app …

  8. Rebecca

    The Secret World of Arriet-flea


    Let me start off by saying this: humans are dumb. They are so self-centered, they think that only they could be smart enough to be historians, or spies, or the great thinkers. I’m living, hopping proof that anyone can be brilliant. I’m a flea, and I’ve got a tiny conspiracy …

  9. salukizim

    Hello Bahrain


    A little coordination goes a long way especially when confirming overseas flights.


    For this 4 1/2 assignment I wrote a short script with me talking to the gentleman in Bahrain who was taking care of Saiph and was shipping him to the United States for me. I recorded the …

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