1. Rebecca



    Today’s daily create was… demanding… I saw it when it was first posted and had no idea what to do for it. I might have gone a little too outside the box (or outside the assignment), so I’m kinda feeling like my mermaid statue sitting on the dock right now, …

  2. salukizim

    Where My Shoes Took Me


    This four-star assignment was great fun. It provided me with significant challenges and opportunities to excel.

    I took the video while out on my 0600 morning walk with my pup Nelly. I used my iPhone to record two separate video clips. It took me no time at all to airdrop …

  3. salukizim

    Mr. Z Important Things in My Life


    This 4 1/2 star assignment captures one of the fundamental aspects of my personality. I am a saluki hound aficionado. I have had saluki hounds for over 55 years of my life. I received my first saluki as a child, growing up in Saudi Arabia, from one of our Saudi …

  4. salukizim

    Reading Movies


    How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert

    I think that Ebert’s basic visual strategy is very interesting. I do not watch a lot of movies or television so I am not grounded on the intricacies of videography the way he is. However, as someone who has studied photography and …

  5. Rebecca

    The ONE time it’s okay to keep pausing the movie.


    A few years ago I took an international film class at UMW. We talked about film techniques, movements, themes, all that stuff.  It was just a summer class, but I thought I was so smart because I got to watch and analyze a buttload of classic movies. What I didn’t …

  6. @cgarcia2580

    DS106 Clone Wars

    Daily Create #14

    Star Wars the Clone Wars? More like DS106 Clone Wars! Today’s daily create involved cloning yourself! After roadtripping all the way to Rhode Island I made my friends take the panorama, but we had some difficulties. We would either move the camera too fast to where the …

  7. @cgarcia2580


    Daily Create #15

    What makes you nervous? Today’s daily create involved tweeting an image of something that makes you nervous. Something that gives me the jitters is lack of privacy. Currently, while vacationing with my friends I asked them what makes them nervous. Half of them said lack of privacy, …

  8. Rebecca

    The daily anxiety


    Today’s daily create: “I am nervous.” Me: a shivering chihuahua. A decorative sunken ship at the bottom of a fish tank with “nervous wreck” painted on the hull. Both things I thought of AFTER replying to the Daily Create. Facepalming myself into oblivion right now.

    #tdc1984 #ds106 what is this …

  9. @jwoodds106

    I Had to Learn How to Read…Again


    One of Roger Ebert’s most interesting tips on how to read a movie was that there really are no concrete rules to be followed when filmmaking. There are guidelines and generalities, rather. I like this approach to movies because sometimes when things get too technical they can lose their meaning …

  10. @jwoodds106

    How I Ended Up Here


    Compile your favorite photos from your experiences, trips, hobbies etc and make them into a video. Try to organize them chronologically to tell your story as you work your way through college. Make the video at least two minutes.

    This 4.5 star assignment was on the first page of video …

  11. @cgarcia2580

    Through The Looking Glass

    Reflection: Look, Listen, Analyze

    When I watch a movie I never take into account the audio or the camera work involved. This assignment was a little trickier for me because I would zone out and begin watching the movie instead of doing the assignment. So I decided to keep myself …

  12. @cgarcia2580

    Uh oh…

    Daily Create #13

    Today’s daily create involved chosing a classinc piece of art and transforming the way people view it by giving it a scenario/caption.  For the artwork I decided to pick American Gothic by Grant Wood.  I used the website provided to download the image. In regards to the …

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