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Radio Broadcast, a slow but steady progress

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Alright, throwing up this blog post for the radio stuff. Little bit late but it’s been a super busy week with running regression, studying for midterms and doing recording and editing work with the radio assignment. It took a while to come to an agreement on an idea for a radio show that we’d be doing. We finally agreed that a talk show would be the best way to do the project. I would have liked to see more of an old fashioned radio show like Amos and Andy but I don’t feel like that could have been written and done in a day and recorded in another and been good. The subject for a talk show also took a while to agree upon, but we finally settled on a nature based talk show.

Before we departed, everyone was given a task to do such as writing a brief script for the preview or commercial or some such nonsense and be ready to meet on Tuesday at 3:30 pm to record. We began with the audio bumper and I provided my voice for the tag line ‘The Live Outdoors, for when the sound of nature is driving you mad’ and it was decided that I had a really good radio voice so I ended up reading the scripts written for the DJ part and providing the voice for the preview. It was hard work in that room and took a while to get things done.

The absolute worst part of it was that I was saving everything as a project .aup for audacity and compressing the data and sending it all because I thought the data would be easier to work with in it’s original form. Turns out that it was a dumb idea on my part and we encountered many errors trying to open the files from corruption of the data during unzipping to incompatibility between versions of audacity. Probably would have been easier to just record to individual computers using the headset/mic. Talk about hindsight being 20/20. Anyway everyone had to start leaving for various engagements so since I’d messed it up I stayed behind a little to export all the audacity work as mp3 instead and sent that off to everyone.

I also took that time to record a few different versions of the commercial before settling on a final one which was the dramatic sounding one that parodied those movie trailers done by that one guy with the voice whose name I can’t remember. The first commercial I attempted was going to be a back and forth between two kids looking for something to do. I shut the mic off on accident though and the add would have ended up running way over the 30 sec mark so I didn’t bother re-recording it. I did save the export the file here though

Next I tried a commercial playing on a similar theme about xbox and technology. I enjoyed making this one but I felt like the dramatic reading on had more of an effect and grabbed attention better. This can be used as a second commercial but I’d need to edit it and put some zombie sounds or something in the commercial.

Next commercial was a decent one but didn’t leave much of an impact on me. If I was going to use it I would edit some sounds from nature into the beginning and keep them up until the boring part where there would be the sound of glass shattering or something followed by a lively fiddle tune or something to accompany the rest of the commercial

Finally was the dramatic commercial. I recorded it and liked how it sounded so I decided to make use of it. I edited the track to take out the sound of me inhaling loudly and make the commercial flow better. I also added a track underneath. It wasn’t my first track choice but the other track ended on an up note or something and sounded really unnatural and wrong so I used Kevin Macleod’s ‘Path of the Goblin King’ instead. Goblin love the outdoors. I would probably up the sound of the underlying track if I did it again. It’s very difficult to hear on sound cloud but the levels sounded fine in audacity.

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