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Today was a Fairytale

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Today was a Fairytale – Taylor Swift {well not really today, but last night}

Last night our radio showed aired LIVE on the DS106 Radio! If you missed it, you can catch it here along with all of the other radio shows that aired last night.

Brittany and I were the lucky ones from our group that hosted the radio show. We answered CogDogs questions before and after the show aired. It was a little hard to know when she was going to answer him and when I was going to, but we worked it out and took turns.

I thought it all went pretty well! I was nervous at first, but then once the first couple of minutes played, I was fine. It’s always a little nerve racking hearing yourself on the radio!! I noticed some mistakes on my part with just saying a few things. Once you hear something a couple of times, you start to pick up on more things. It’s almost like when you stare at a picture so long, you notice the flaws.

The sound quality was good. I was hearing it through Skype and not the DS106 radio so I’m not sure how that sounded. Our goal was to have the listeners interest and full attention. We wanted to have a lot of listeners but more importantly, we wanted them to like it.

I think we achieved our goal:

I think the structure of our radio show could have been a little bit more structure. Maybe we could have had the new song really be about T-Pain. That way, we would have a conclusion to our show. We kind of kept people hanging, which is o.k. but we will never make a sequel, unless it’s another assignment, so there will be no conclusion.

I learned a lot about the radio through making this show. I got the “butterflies in my stomach” feeling when I heard the beginning of our show being played live on the air. I was also amazed at how CogDog assembled all of this….in Hong Kong! He was like a real radio DJ with the songs that played in the middle of the shows and the radio bumpers, and the fact that he used Skype to broadcast our voices to the radio. PRO STATUS.

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