GMU Week 2: Listening to and Looking Closely at Audio and Video

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Before you start making media, it’s worth practicing how “read” audio and video content, to get better at understanding the subtleties of great audio/video stories that are often so well integrated that we do not even notice them.

This week we will introduce concepts of layering in media, and practice tuning into them more closely via listening to audio from a set of podcast/radio shows. We will also look at, of all things, TV commercials as miniature stories, and practice analyzing them in detail. Finally, as part of your growing blog skills, you are expected to start commenting on each other’s sites.

Inspiration: How to Truly Listen

In her TED Talk Evelyn Glennie teaches us that listening is much more than sitting passively and letting sounds hit our ears (note you can turn on subtitles in this video).

Understanding Layers in Media

Learning by Listening to Radio Shows

Commercials as Short Film Stories

Giving/Receiving Peer Feedback

Keep Looking: Storified and Non Storified Content

Checklist for Weekly Summary

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