GMU Week 4: It’s All By Design

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We’ve wrapped up our week on visual storytelling and continue looking at the visual form of media, but now with a perspective on visual design. It’s not always clear where the line is between design and visual, but ds106 design storytelling assignments generally involve more creating and modifying in graphics software programs, with a focus on key characteristics of color, form, shape, typography, spacing etc.

You’ll spend some time this week noticing about the way the things around you are designed, as well as creating some of your own designs.


In this TEDxPhoenix talk, designer and artist Kelli Anderson shows us how she deploys a sense of “disruptive wonder” in her creative work.

What do We Mean When We Say Design?

Design Safari

Design Assignments

Ongoing: Storified and Non Storified Content

Ongoing: Giving and Reflecting on Peer Feedback

Weekly Summary Checklist

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