1. ajaweston

    Design Create: Fantasy Ted Talk


    For whatever reason, I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate grumpy cat in this ted talk, so I found a random image of him on the web. I used dragged the cat image to the provided Ted Talk template, and then used the lasso on the sidebar to trace …

  2. ajaweston

    Original Design Create


    For this project, I first googled “most famous paintings in the world,” and randomly chose this classic:

    I then chose a random cat picture by googling “funny cat face,” and found this little creature:

    I then dragged it into photoshop and clicked the lasso to trace the cat face. I …

  3. ajaweston

    My Favorite "Album Without Sound"


    It took me a while to pick one album, because I had so many favorites, but I finally settled on this one. The supposed band is “MFL” and the album title “No one else can see.” I was drawn to this album because it is a really interesting image in …

  4. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    CC Derek Mueller

    What I have done this week:

    Read excerpts from How Images Think by Ron Burnett and “Images” by Robert Hass Blogged about one of the readings Completed two design projects: here and here Finalized my two audio projects: here and here This week, I did a lot…
  5. ajaweston

    Design Project: Comic Book Effect


    This photo originally began as:

    I took it over Spring Break when my boyfriend found a dead horse shoe crab along the coast of the Atlatnic Ocean. I always thought horse shoe crabs were pretty strange looking, so I figured it would be perfect to disguise as an alien for…
  6. ajaweston

    Design Project: Bad Photo with Vintage Effect


    My first design project! I first started with a pretty bland camera phone picture that I took of my friend playing the ukulele a few weeks ago:

    All of the versions of Gimp that I had previously downloaded don’t work on my computer, for whatever reason. Even though the application…
  7. ajaweston

    Response to “Images” by Robert Hass

    CC Flickr Brun-o

    After reading the article, I am left with a couple questions:

    Was the reading supposed to be an introduction to the design section? I don’t see how the article related to design at all. Perhaps it’s more abstractly related to design? It’s hard to say, because almost…
  8. ajaweston

    Audio Project 1: Dating and Feminism


    Here is my final draft of my audio piece on dating for our class radio show!

    Although I initially wanted to do my dating audio piece on couples fighting, I had difficulty coming up with a compelling idea to structure it around. I then decided to do something that I …

  9. ajaweston

    Response to "Sound Reporting"

    CC Flickr Cyber-Photography

    After reading the few chapters from “Sound Reporting,” I feel extremely overwhelmed about our radio shows. Since everything I read about radio shows is almost completely new information, it is hard to keep track of the most important points to remember in order to produce …

  10. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    CC Ross Murray

    This week’s completed assignments:

    Two daily/audio creates, here and here My produced vox pop piece Radio show plans The most annoying thing about this week is that I’ve discovered that I can’t listen to Soundcloud pieces directly on blogs. The embedded Soundcloud box is unable to load,…
  11. ajaweston

    "Dating" Radio Show Plans

    CC Leigh Myers

    For our class radio show, I will interview several couples, or individuals, and ask them about the stupidest fight they got in with their significant other. These will be fights that people genuinely became angry over. Hopefully at this point, people will be able to laugh about …

  12. ajaweston

    Response to "Listening In"

    CC Fernando Candeias

    Great historical examination and progression of the radio in America!

    However, the article was written from an extremely ableist viewpoint. Perhaps it is because I am taking a  disability culture course that makes me hyper aware of non-disabled norms in our culture, but this article excludes …

  13. ajaweston

    Two Audio Creates


    Two sounds not normally heard together. Guess what they are!

    An everyday object used as a musical instrument! Guess this one too!

  14. ajaweston

    Video Three: "The Surprise"


    My final film, “The Surprise,” is a video with a twist ending. I suggest that you watch the video right now to figure out what the surprise actually is, before I spoil it for you.

    I initially wanted this to be a video without people, and just a mural that …

  15. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    Flickr User cseeman

    This week’s completed assignments:

    Video #2 Three Daily Creates This was a fairly relaxed week, then again there is no such thing as a week at the University of Michigan that is void of challenges. I actually finished my second video project days ago, and even wrote…
  16. ajaweston

    Video Two: "A Typical Day at Work"


    This video is all about my job, and what I typically spend a lot of my time doing. I work at an animal boarding facility in Ann Arbor. That means when people go on a trip, they leave their animals with us, and I help take care of them. Even …

  17. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    CC Taylor Sloan

    This week, I completed:

    Response to “The Reality Principle” Response to “How to Read a Movie” 3 video/daily creates: 1, 2, and 3 First completed movie The main problems I encountered this week were those related to editing my first movie, which I already described…
  18. ajaweston

    Response to "How to Read a Movie"

    CC Flickr Ennor

    Roger Ebert knows a lot about reading movies- yet none of it interests me. I don’t think I will ever be able to read a movie with an audience, because the whole process sounds somewhat annoying. Strange people yelling “stop” randomly to discuss lighting and color is …

  19. ajaweston

    Video One: "The Guy Who Slipped"


    I knew I wanted to make a stop-motion for my first movie, but I decided that using another person would be easiest. Rather than me having to move the subject after every shot, the subject can simply move itself, which makes the process go much quicker. After this decision I …

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