1. ajaweston

    Goals for Video Section


    My specific goals that I hope to meet by the end of this video section include:

    Learn how to make the viral video of 2013. Create an interesting, informative, and eye-opening video for my student group, Students for Choice, to help either one of our campaigns or our overall message.…
  2. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    CC Flickr Mrs Magic

    This week, I’ve completed:

    Response to “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?” Response to michiganradio.org Registration with ds106.us Two daily creates: here and here Slept Took an interesting photo (go to: this daily create, previously introduced) 

     I think that I did well with completing the requirements …

  3. ajaweston

    Daily Create


    Directions: Describe the sky in a single sentence without using any color words.

    The sky is home to frightening winged creatures who frequently fly at high altitudes whilst plotting attacks on their next unsuspecting victims.

    CC Anurag Agnihotri

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