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    Spring BREAK!!!


    For anyone who has ever watched MTV, or any show on television really, you know that Spring Break is a time when people go on vacation, binge drink, dance, party, engage in debauchery, and many other crude and inappropriate behaviors. So what do you think spring break is going to …

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    A familiar sound in my room, pretty annoying to everyone else. It’s the ticking of my wall clock, a sound I never noticed until I had my boyfriend stay the night. It kept us both up at night once it was pointed out to me, it is an easy fix …

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    After Alvin and the Chipmunks there became a whole new set of replaying songs at higher speeds which make the vocals seem higher pitched. I use to do this all the time especially on my dads old record player (it was the only thing I could find that would actually …

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    This week I had the pleasure of getting to use Photoshop, I downloaded the trial from adobe and absolutely loved it. It took some getting use to and there was a bit of a learning curve but I started to get the hang of it fairly quickly… just wondering if …

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    Radio Poster


    A Haunting Theme Park Experience, a ds106 Radio show bring you into the horrors and terrors of the spooky halloween themes these amusement parks take on in October. This was my version of the ds106 radio Poster for the group radio show project we are working on. Our group has …

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    United we Blog


    War War 2 posters are always interesting things to look at, and usually quite humorous too. For this assignment we were to make a Propaganda Poster for ds106. I looked on google for a good while trying to find a poster that I could use and came across this one, …

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    Norton Hears a Worm!


    First thing I thought of when they said childrens book, I had to find something Dr. Seuss. Now Horton Hears a Who! was a perfect choice for this childresn computer book assignment because as soon as I read Horton I thought Norton AntiVirus. A quick little thing in photoshop …

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    Cinematic Truths


    A truthful Movie poster, this was something that baffled me for the longest time. I couldn’t figure out what movie I wanted to do, and if I had a good movie I couldn’t think of that it was really about or why someone would REALLY go see it. Then …

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    Shhh… it’s Design Season.


    And we are hunting design. I found all these examples in magazines that my family subscribes to.


    Function, in advertising it is very important to sell your product… and to let the viewer of said ad know what you are selling… this one was easy to figure out what …

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    This Typeface is actually a little special to me even before this assignment. It’s the same font I used in my tattoo. it was a really easy project I simply drew it out on a piece of paper and took a picture. I got a little bored when doing it …

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    A little to the left.


    This week we looked at photography and improving our own photography. We were given some tips from TEN which is a PDF which gives tips on how to take better pictures. One tip I really appreciated is understanding your lens, I use the camera on my phone so I can’t …

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    3-2-1 BLITZ


    PHOTO BLITZ. put as simply as possible, run around a room with a camera and take interesting pictures (there were some Ideas of what to take pictures of). These are the 5 pictures that I felt were the best…

    I did this in my room because I figured it was …

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    Don’t trust a babie


    My niece started crawling recently, as well as pulling herself up onto to things and “standing.” it’s so cute I couldn’t stop taking pictures and sending them to her momee, who probably hated me at the time cause her phone must have been going off like crazy during her class, …

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    Fontanella Live


    I remember doing those Album Cover you make from randomly generated things, a ton of different methods of doing this and getting the album/artist name and the artwork. I feel really lucking with the picture and album name I got I feel like the homeless man packed up with his …

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    Guard Life.


    Having a little too much fun with my new app Color Splash, thanks to the Splash the Color visual assignment. It’s a little guard tube keychain and my guard whistle on my keychain. I used the ColorSplash app for the iPhone and Picasa for the zoomed in effect as well …

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    Half Man, Half Scare Crow. Though I didn’t do his make up myself I really liked this photo.  It was his makeup for Cornstalkers in Halloween Haunt which I think made him look pretty extraordinary. I used the app ColorSplash on my iPhone to do the black and white …

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    Meet Me at the Corner of…


    One of my good friends live on Spring Lake Drive, which is a very interesting road because it crosses over itself. I took this picture for the Unlikely Intersections assignment. It took me forever to figure out, What would be an unlikely intersection and went through road names that I …

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    Technical Difficulties


    This week we explored the world of audio, so far we have played around with images and words but this is our first exposure to audio. A lot of listening happened this week which for me was kind of a pain in multiple ways because first, I like to listen …

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    sgorF eerhT


    “Thou shalt count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.” Today we honor the …

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    Bump it Up (DS106 Radio)


    My DS106 Radio bumper, this took me a while to even figure out what I was going to do. I listened to a lot of the ones which other ds106ers posted and got some ideas from that. I ended up just taking a song from iTunes  and recorded myself saying …

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    Symphony in Words


    What a strange thing to happen to a person, the lack or loss of words or language. Could you imagine if you didn’t know what to call the thing staring you in the face right now, if you didn’t know who/what/why you are? What would you call yourself, what would …

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    Live on the Radio


    Listening to DS106 Radio was kind of a weird thing to do. I went on early in the week to check things out and managed to get on a page which played the broadcasts there wasn’t anything live going on at that time so I decided I’d wait till something …

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    A tough Week


    A little more in depth to the name of this class, we got to do more storytelling! But first we had to figure out what exactly is digital storytelling? This was probably the most interesting post I have done, I had a lot of fun and feel as if …

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    Portal Graph


    (Beginning) Chell woke up and there was a little robot ball who said he could help her escape this horrible place.
    1. (Purple) Together they adventured through this facility and have a good old laugh while they try to bring down the evil tyrant who controlled it, GLaDOS, they replaced …

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    The preset alarms on my boyfriends phone… the earliest of which is 4:30am, yes AM. Whenever I stay at his house and he has to work the next day I wake up at ungodly hours of the mornings when he has to go to work. It’s especially infuriating when I’m …

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