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    The answer is a close up of the back of the embroidered Starbucks symbol on my boyfriends apron. who guessed it?…

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    Photos in the Future


    If a picture is worth a thousand words a picture of a picture must be worth 1 million. This is such a strong yet simple image and the photographer has done an amazing job here and it really does tell a story. This post was entitled “Return to the

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    Gathered Around the Fire…


    … the crackle of the wood as the flames begin to consume the fresh cut oak longs thrown in the pit that cold night. The air is fresh with a slight nip to it, the sky is clear and the moon lays down a silver light all around. We sit …

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    Graduating Bootcamp


    This week in DS106 we got a little more intense and turned up the heat for the final stretch of bootcamp. The daily creates for this week, which if you would like to view them as well as my thoughts behind them check out my post Weekly Creations, were …

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    All Rights Reserved


    I’ve never known much, or anything really, about Creative Commons (CC) but I started seeing it when using Flickr, YouTube and the like. I always assumed it was just some new or official copyright sign but I found out it is much more then that. I really liked the way …

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    Woman In Black


    The Woman in Black, the 2012 version not the 1980′s one, was probably the worst movie I have ever seen. I shouldn’t have expected anything else with the horrible commercials advertising it, though I couldn’t find the video of the one I always saw (the audience reaction one which …

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    Weekly Creations


    This week we had a busier daily create project with a total of 3 daily creates to choose from. there are some pretty interesting ideas that were offered this week.

    The First Daily Create I did on Monday was to take a picture of wide open spaces. I took this …

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    Origins of a Name


    Starting up #ds106 with @cogdog hoping for a great semester

    — Hyrum Magnusson (@HumbleCleric) August 29, 2012

    It was a pretty daunting first week, trying to set up a blog and make it unique and different. It seemed like this class was going to be a little too much …

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    The Flames We Dance Around


    This is a snapshot of a video I took of an old friend performing with her Fire Poi for today’s Daily Create. My camera wasn’t that good at the time so it’s pretty grainy but the video itself was actually pretty amazing.…

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    My Keys


    Why Hello There

    I guess to get us Started I Should Give a Face to the Name… and Really a Name to the Name. My Name is Hyrum. I am a Transfer Student from the NVCC System and am now a junior (Not technically but basically) at The University of …

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    Little Red Heart


    I was having trouble with the picture not uploading onto Flickr properly for the Daily Create. It’s my Niece sleeping with a blanket her mom made for her in black and white with one of the hearts still colored red. I basically played around with a photo editing software …

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